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Today, we are continuing to focus on Instagram Aesthetic and why you need to nail this down before you start producing content. 

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Image Credit: Gucci

*Disclaimer: All statements in this post are from my personal experiences and perspective. There is no right or wrong way to becoming a successful influencer as success is defined differently for each person. I share my knowledge with those who believe in becoming a successful and mindful influencer—those who don’t mind working hard to achieve their dreams.

Having a great aesthetic that aligns with the type of content you are creating is key to a successful Instagram account. It shows your followers you are a professional at what you do, know what you are doing, and are an expert at producing high-quality content.

Think about aesthetics as an essential part of your branding, because having the right Aesthetic will help you attract the right audience who will appreciate what you do and become your real fan. You will be an authority for them.


We will discuss the main types of aesthetics out there, what feelings you can make your content have, and how editing your photos to your Aesthetic can help you deliver your brand’s message.

Let’s first get into the basics of what is aesthetic, why is aesthetic necessary, and how you can apply it to your Instagram account.

Then we will go over a case study of how Gucci was able to alter their aesthetic to attract the right audience and increase sales.

Four Keys of Instagram Aesthetic



The Aesthetic is an art of appreciating the beauty in the artist’s work. It represents a harmonious and unique artist or brand put into each piece of their work and always sends out the same messages and tone to the audience. Aesthetics are not only concerned with beauty or appreciation of beauty. It’s also how you want others to interpret and evaluate the content you produce.

As for Instagram, aesthetic means the look of your overall Instagram feed. Your aesthetic will show in your photos, videos, or any content you produce and share on Instagram. It’s through your aesthetic that your brand speaks to your followers immediately when they visit your page. You will be able to capture the potential followers’ attention by showcasing the right Aesthetic.

Your Instagram Aesthetic will convey feelings about your brand. It also represents what you offer and how you offer them.

According to Kant, in the book Aesthetic Theory, he notes that aesthetics is objectifying in nature, but through that, objectivity is where aesthetics meets beauty.  

When people look at a photo, they might notice the overall style or feel they are picking up. Flowers, a flowing dress, a sunset in the background, curtain movement, specific colors, etc. are all details that make photos aesthetic.



Aesthetic is important because it shows the beauty of your content, and it will attract your ideal audience who has the same taste in harmony.

It also gives your audience a reason to come back for more. When you showcase your content in a specific and consistent way, you will be able to connect with your followers on a deeper level.

Your messages through aesthetic will be more clear to understand.

By applying the aesthetic practice to your Instagram account, you are encouraging your audience with the need to come back for more to see what new content you create next. Aesthetic also creates trust and loyalty with your followers.

In an article by Colombia Business School, they researched the importance of aesthetics and why large brands go to Thailand to produce content. They found that having an excellent aesthetic and being able to market it well translated into more sales. The attention to detail and execution of a brand’s Aesthetic made for compelling content. 


Image source: Gucci.com




The feeling of a photo is the emotion you want your audience to perceive. It’s the chance you get to grab your audience’s attention and connect more with your brand’s message. Are you making your followers feel a sense of love and appreciation, or do you want them to feel calm and relaxed?

The New Gucci’s Aesthetic Case Study

Gucci’s Aesthetic

The best case study I would like to share with you here is the new Aesthetic of the number one fastest-growing luxury brand in the world, Gucci. The new Aesthetic was brought to life by their current creative director, Alessandro Michele.


Michele’s Aesthetic took a different turn and gave a new look to attract a younger customer- think Millenials. As shown in each of his collections, the styles now are more maximalism but still keeps its heritage while showcasing the blend of bold, contemporary, and luxury. The new Gucci presents transparency, inclusivity, and diversity. To tap into their younger customer, they partnered with Harry Styles– the singer, songwriter, actor, and the modern-day iconic to allure attention from the new crown. 

Gucci Men’s Tailoring Cruise 2019 campaignPhotographer: Glen Luchford | Art Director: Christopher Simmonds


Gucci Pre-Fall 2020

The latest campaign, Pre-Fall 2020 series, Michele has created his most touching and incredible story and captured by Alasdair McLellan and with art direction by Christopher Simmonds.

This campaign, entitled ‘So Deer To Me’, is intended to be an “an ode to retrieved innocence, a return to the infant world, a call for real engagement with nature and, with that, life.” Not only does the story captivate the most beautiful vision but also the Gucci Pre-Fall 2020 campaign, Gucci is partnering with The Lion’s Share Fund, a charity that helps vulnerable animals.

#SODEERTOME | gucci.com

Positioning of Gucci

Today, Gucci is the world’s fastest-growing luxury brand. Gucci became 2019’s fastest-growing luxury brand, with a growth rate of 23% and a brand valuation of $15.949 billion — It nearly doubled the valuation it had when Michele first took over the reins in 2015.

On the internet, the new Gucci collections stand out — they’ve got a contemporary feel, mixed with vintage classics. Michele even brought back the interlocking GG logo and the iconic Gucci bags from the 1960s, while introducing consumers to the Dionysus buckle. – source


The Conclusion

In conclusion, the new Gucci’s Aesthetic changes make the brand reachable to a new market and have increased its revenues. Gucci has done a great job knowing their customer and how to reach them through their brilliant Aesthetic to the utilization of social media as a digital marketing tool.




How To Create An Aesthetic

There are so many things to consider when creating an aesthetic for your Instagram. You have to know who you are trying to attract, what they like, what they want to see or hear, and more. You will build your vision board and come up with the direction of the aesthetic you want to go for your Instagram account.

After you know all of the elements that will speak about your brand, you can now make them aesthetically pleasant throughout your profile.

Should I edit my photos?

Yes and no. It depends on the Aesthetic you are going for and the message you are sending to your followers. Editing photos through mobile apps or professional tools can dramatically impact what others see and interpret your brand’s message to be. 


If you have an aesthetic of raw, natural-looking photos, then editing might not be necessary. However, you can take a picture and edit it to look more natural then it acutely is. You need to know what your Aesthetic is before you make these types of changes. Knowing your aesthetic will help you create a clear brand message that your audience will follow. 

What is the easiest application to use to edit my photos?

There are so many options of applications out there, but the one I recommend is VSCO. It’s simple to use. You can find and use your favorite filters, create your own, and save them. There are also lots of free VSCO filters you can find online. Here are a few places you can check them out, @vscofillterrs@filters.vsco, and @omgfiltrs.

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Remember that the goal of having an aesthetic is to get your followers to have the same feelings across all your content.

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