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Today, we will focus on how to reach out to brands to introduce yourself and discuss collaboration opportunities.


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*Disclaimer: All statements in this post are from my personal experiences and perspective. There is no right or wrong way to becoming a successful influencer as success is defined differently for each person. I share my knowledge with those who believe in becoming a successful and mindful influencer—those who don’t mind working hard to achieve their dreams.

Today we will discuss how to reach out to brands and tips on including in your emails. But before reaching out, there are some things to keep in mind.
1) Make sure you like the brands you will work with and would use or already use the products even if you don’t get paid.
2) Also, ask yourself if your followers will benefit from promoting a new product for a brand.
3) Ensure that the brand aligns with your brand, including its missions, vision, target audience, etc.

Although there are many brands out there with budgets to pay influencers and want you to help sell for them, working with every single brand is not a good idea. You will come off as wanting to make money and not making a meaningful impact on your followers’ lives. This will discourage your followers from wanting to see your content and might end up with them unfollowing you.

Below I have three tips to follow when reaching out to brands.

So let’s get started.

Three Tips When Reaching Out to Brands as an Instagram Influencer


How to get in contact with brands

First, you will need to find the contact info of the brands you would like to work with, which can be done by finding an email listed on their website or Instagram. Usually, there is a ‘contact us’ section at the bottom of a brand’s website, and there you will be able to find a brand’s contact info.

If you can’t find any information, you can DM them on Instagram and ask for a specific person to talk to and get in touch with. LinkedIn is also another way to connect with brands, but the quickest way is to get into their DM.

Once you have their contact, the next step is to send out the first email.


What to say in the first email

Your first email needs to include some basic information about you, such as your name, IG Handel, your stats, and why you think you would be the right person the brand should work with.

Include reasons for how you can add value to the brand and what partnering with you would do for their brand. You have to make sure you show your authority and connection you have with your audience to brands. This is the chance you get to let brands know why you would be a great asset to their campaigns.

You can mention that you have a media kit and are happy to send it over for review in this first email.

A media kit will show more in-depth detail about your brand, you, and your follower demographic. It is a good piece of document you should have ready before reaching out.


How to follow up to an email and when to move on

It’s good practice to follow up on an email after one week. Your email can be as simple as checking in to see if they got your last email as they might have missed it. After about two follow up emails with no response is a sign that the brands are either not interested or too busy to respond. Your email might get lost in their inbox as well, and that’s why it’s always good to send a follow up email.

If you don’t get the response, you can try two more times, but the last email you send out should be professional and let them know that you will be in touch in the next month or quarter. Don’t be rude and let your anger out as this is a professional job, and you might miss all the opportunities with one rude email.

Share with me:

What did you do in the past when brands didn’t respond to your email?

When reaching out to brands, either by email or DM, always make sure you are professional, responding to brands promptly, and not getting discouraged if you get rejected or are ignored. It’s all about being persistent, never giving up, and staying positive. There will be ups and downs, but as long as you make a plan and stick to it, you are sure to find success.


I hope you found this post helpful and stay tuned for next week’s Influencer Tips Tuesday on the last lesson, Lesson Ten: Expanding Your Brand.  


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