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Today, we will focus on how to get noticed by brands or at least get on their radar for potential collaboration opportunities.


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*Disclaimer: All statements in this post are from my personal experiences and perspective. There is no right or wrong way to becoming a successful influencer as success is defined differently for each person. I share my knowledge with those who believe in becoming a successful and mindful influencer—those who don’t mind working hard to achieve their dreams.

One of the goals of being an influencer is working with brands you admire and expressing your love, honest opinions, and perspective about your favorite products while getting paid to do so. It’s a new and fast-growing career that will require a certain kind of person to fit into the influencer title.

No, not everyone can be an influencer, just like not everyone can be a doctor or an astronaut working in space.

People who don’t know about how influencers work will assume an easy, no-brainer job where you only take a selfie then get paid by brands, which in reality isn’t true at all. 

But today, we are not going to get into the process of how influencer work; instead, we are going to talk about how to get more booked deals by being an influencer through brand collaborations.

If you are ready, let’s dive right into today’s lesson: Getting Noticed by Brands. 

Five Steps to Getting Noticed by Brands as an Instagram Influencer


Make sure you have a good looking account.

I discussed this in lesson two about making good first impressions. Check it out to see what you should do first.

When it comes to standing out and being noticed by brands, you need to get this part right, or else brands won’t take the time to look deeper into your account. 

Brands want great engagement and a connection you have with your followers, but they won’t be able to notice that if they get turned off by how your account looks and if your Instagram doesn’t represent that you are an influencer.  


Use their products

Brands love it when you can show that you authentically love their products before working with them.

Using their products and naturally showing that on your feed is a huge selling point for getting noticed by the brands you already love. Also, having product shots of a brand’s product is an excellent way to showcase your content creation skills.


 Share genuine reviews and tag them in your post.

Posting about a product is good, but leaving a genuine review and tagging the brand in your post is better. Be sure you speak from your heart and not sound over the top that this is ‘The Best Serum of All Time’ unless you genuinely feel that way.

When you tag a brand, that’s a quick way for brands to notice you and might take a look at what type of account you have.


Use IG story to share the love and get into their DM.

Stories are a great way to share with your followers that you love a specific brand and help you get noticed by brands. When you post a story, tagging a brand you love, a direct message is created. Being in the brands’ DM can help to spark a conversation and make you more noticeable.


Use the brand hashtag to get discovered.

Almost all brands have a hashtag(s) they use that speaks to the brand they are. When you use their hashtags, you have a high chance of brands getting in touch with you. Most brands will have a product showcase where they are showcasing a specific hashtag on their website, newsletters, or other channels. It is your chance to be discovered quickly, as the brands’ hashtags are not as popular as other hashtags on Instagram. 

Remember Lesson seven: Growing with Hashtags?

You will also be able to gain new followers who are loving the same brands as you do. 

When you show that you are using their products, that advise brands to consider you to promote their products in the future.  

You might have a chance to feature on their Instagram or website, which will get you to a good start of the brand partnership.


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What brands would you like to work with?

That’s it for today. 


It’s only five easy tips that you can start applying to your Influencer strategy on getting noticed, develop a good relationship, and working with the brands you love.


Thank you for reading today’s post. 


I hope you found this post helpful and stay tuned for next week’s blog post on Lesson Nine: Brand Outreach.


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If you missed last week’s lesson, check out  Lesson seven: Growing with Hashtags


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