I have put together some blogging tips that I’m sure will benefit your blogging career. If you’re serious about this business and want to have a brand that reaches the right audience and opportunities, keep on reading about my three worthy investments for blogging.

Happy April, love! I’m so thrilled and so excited to write this blog post because today I’m announcing the relaunch of my blog. Yay! It’s been a long process but has been worth the wait because now the new look of All About Good Vibes has come to life.

With the help from Aleksandra and her Adored Designs team, who help reshape my brand and brought my vision to life. Without them my blog won’t be this pretty!  I’m very grateful for their hard work and I can’t thank them enough for their beautiful work that’s now showing on my site. I hope you’re loving the new look of my blog like I am.

I decided to rebrand my blog after reading this book, and that was over 7 months ago. At that time I was in my second year of blogging and I still didn’t have a clear idea on what I was doing. Because I wanted to clarify my brand. To know exactly what my goals are. Who I want my messages to be delivered to. To have a steady income just like other successful bloggers. These are the reasons why I reached out to Adored Designs.

After doing some research and seeing their work through EMILY VARTANIAN’s blog (http://www.stilettobeats.com), I was sold. I knew they will be able to tailor and deliver the best job to my needs. If you’re interested in revamping your brand/ blog, or creating your brand new business, feel free to reach out to them.

I’m so glad I finally have my brand and my blog revamped. It really needed a face lift and I’m so happy with the results.

And because I’m celebrating a relaunch of my blog today. I have put together some blogging tips that I’m sure will benefit your blogging career.


In today’s post, I’m sharing the three worthy investments for blogging. If you’re serious about this business and want to have brands that reach the right audience and opportunity, keep on reading. They are all from my experiences and what I have learned over the years. They work for me and I know they will work for you too.


Before I started my blog, I invested my money in a blogging course. The first course gave me so much confidence and connections with new bloggers just like myself. Some of them have become my friends today. There are several online blogging courses available nowadays. You should be able find them easily.

After the first course, I got the basics and the confidence. I set up my blog and got my first post published. After awhile I started to see opportunities knocking on my door so I wanted more. But the problem was I didn’t have a lot of traffic at that time.

All I heard was you needed more visitors to make more money. That was when I realized I need to increase my blog traffic. So I signed up for my second course to learn how to increase my traffic through email lists.

My third course was how to pitch brands. My fourth course was how to make money without working with brands. That was a lot of courses I invested my money in.

With the knowledge I got from these classes, I was able to build my business with ease and confidence. Well, it wasn’t that easy, I still have to work to become successful. Can’t just sit and watch my blog grow like a miracle. You know what I mean?

If you don’t have funds for courses, I encourage you to read more articles involving blogging. Get books and attend seminars, those would help further your blogging career.


If you’re a blogger, your blog is your business. It’s actually the face, the headquarter, the storefront and the door to more business opportunities. You want to make sure you invest your money and time building a perfect blog where it can carry your vision along.

Either picking/ buying the right theme, or hiring designers to design your blog like I did with Adored Designs, this will bring your blog to the right path that could help increase your income.

I also have a blog support team, Chloe Digital, who help back up my blog, fix problems when they occur and guide me in the right direction as well.

Remember that your blog isn’t just about the name or the logo you picked. Everything has to come together seamlessly in order to earn trust, authority and more opportunities.


I know you can take great pictures with your phone, or you can buy high quality stock photos to use for your blog. But in my opinion, having your own high quality photos that showcase your signature style are the best way to build a strong brand. I’m not against buying stock photos but investing in my camera, lens and editing software was the most rewarding thing I did after becoming a blogger. Because I get to see my pictures in better quality. My readers and followers appreciate and recognize my work. Brands I worked with can see that as well.

Not only dose having a good camera and lens can achieve a better photo, but I also use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photos to keep the consistency and feel to my photography.

Buying or creating your own Lightroom presets will help enhance your photos and create authenticity. But for less cost and time, you can use phone application like VSCO to edit your photos and build your aesthetic as well.

If you don’t know where to start with photo editing, head over to YouTube for video tutorials.

In conclusion, if you decide to enter the blogging world, keep in mind that investing in blogging education, your blog itself and photo equipment, you will for sure further your career and help you get on the right path to becoming a successful blogger.

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Thank you for stopping by ALL ABOUT GOOD VIBES. See you again soon.

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