Fall is a fun season that you can dress up and play around with your outfits. I love that you can layer and match each piece of your clothing together for a fresh and cozy look to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. In today’s post, I am sharing my Fall Layering Guide I have been using myself.


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The new Spring/Summer 2020 styles are hitting the runway this month, and it’s sad to say that summer is practically over. But I’m delighted that I have a chance to be in New York during Fashion Week this year, so I get to see all the Fall Street Styles around the city early.  


Fall is a fun season that you can dress up and play around with your outfits. I love that you can layer and match each piece of your clothing together for a fresh and cozy look to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Since I live in Arizona, I won’t be able to layer up right away when Fall arrives due to the warmer climate over here, but I will use the fall layering guide I’m about to share with you today as soon as the cool breeze comes in.


To help you get started with your Fall wardrobe, I’m sharing the 8 Fall Layering tips I love plus my favorite adidas items I am bringing to New York Fashion Week this season. 


Outfit details:

adidas Bucket Hat | Cat-Eye Sunglasses | Turtleneck Knit Top | adidas Jacket | Belt Bag |

Pleated-Midi SkirtGucci Long Socks | adidas Falcon Sneakers 

Fall Layering Guide


Work the Fall Colors

Fall colors are more toned down, calmer, and subtle than summer. When incorporating earthy colors like tan, brown, and olive into your outfits, this will help you feel like you are dressing for Fall already. I live in Arizona where the early Fall is still feeling like Summer. The way I introduce Fall Style into my outfits is to layer the fall colors together. By mixing different shades of one color will make your gear quieten but stylish at the same time. 


Add Patterns

Even though Fall Patterns aren’t as loud as summer you can still have fun with them. You can pick a darker and moodier tone of the patterns like leaves, flowers, animal prints, and logos for one or two items in your outfit.          

Play with Textures

Rich textures are for winter. As for layering goes, you can mix and match your clothing textures to make you not only warm but look pretty at the same time. Velvet, suede, leather, fur, satin, knit, and cotton can all play perfectly in an outfit. You can wear a knit high-neck top with a satin midi skirt and have a faux leather jacket as outerwear. This example is a simple texture layering tip that you can use for your fall outfits. 


Longer Length

Always remember that you want to cover up every part of your body from the cool breeze. The no brainer rule is to wear everything long, long sleeve top, long pants, long socks, long coat, and long boots. 


Think Warm

When picking out an outfit, try thinking of an individual piece of your clothes. For example, think warm when picking out your top, which the style can be a turtleneck that’s made from knit fabric, so it can still keep you warm if you don’t have your jacket on. Think warm when picking out your skirt. You can choose a midi skirt that’s made with velvet. But if you’re picking a thinner material, you can prepare your outfit by adding a pair of tights or high socks to help to cover the lower part of your body. Make sense?  




Get Comfy

If you’re living in a place where it has some super cold days in Fall, your outfit is going to be on the heavier side. You have to layer so many layers of your clothes on before you live your house. By adding some comfy shoes, like chunky sneakers, high-top sneakers, low heel, or platform boots will help you move more comfortable, feel lighter, and happier.  



Add Accessory  

Adding accessories like a hat, a scarf, gloves, tights, or high socks will make your layering more fun and help add more dimensions to your outfit. 



Always Check Temperature 

The most important thing is not to forget to check the temperature before you start layering your outfits because you don’t want to dress too warm if the weather is going to be less cold. 


As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’m bringing a few of my favorite adidas items with me. These are all of them.

1. adidas Bucket hat

2. adidas T-Shirts (white, pink and black)

3. adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

4. adidas Dress

5. adidas Tights

6. adidas Track Pants

7. adidas Cap

8. adidas Sunglasses

9. adidas Falcon Sneakers

If you catch me walking around and running some errands, you probably see me in one of these outfits! kiss

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I hope you got some new ideas for styling your outfits this Fall in my ultimate fall layering guide. Just remember to check the weather first and pick your outfits accordingly to how cold or warm it will be. Oh, and do not forget to have fun layering your clothes!


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