Today, I would like to share with you Ten Surgery Recovery Tips on how to take care of your dogs after surgery and to keep you and your dogs calm during the recovery process. 

Read on to find out all the tips!



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I have three dogs (two Chihuahuas and a Beagle), and they have been with me since they were puppies. It has been over seven years together, and we have gone through several surgeries due to their health conditions and sometimes unexpected incidents.


During the first few surgeries and recovery times I had to go through with my boys, I remember myself being so worried and unsure about what I needed to do to make sure my dogs would be fine. 

Ticket, the cute brown Chihuahua you are seeing, had a skin growth on his right paw where we had to undergo surgery to remove it. He was equipped with a dog cone around his neck and had to be separated from our two other dogs during his recovery. 

It was a bit of a challenge trying to get our boys to go potty separately or being separate at all. We wanted to make sure Ticket would stay healthy during his recovery, and none of our dogs would try to lick the treated area. 

Since Ticket was in a separate area with no access to the doggy door, we set up a doggy pad for him in the corner of the room so that he could go potty without being near the other boys. 


We used doggy pads in the past for potty training our boys, and when we lived in an apartment with no backyard. Although they were absorbent, our boys did not always go in the right spot every time, leaving a big mess for us to clean when we got back home.


From the accidents he would have around the room he had to stay in, Hartz® Male Wraps would have made the recovery process much less stressful. 

What I really like about Hartz® Male Wraps, is that they are not only soft and comfortable for our dogs to wear, but they come in two fun and stylish prints. They are highly absorbent and made with patented FlashDry® Gel technology, which instantly turns urine into gel for up to 6 hours of leak-proof protection. They provide a better solution for dogs who suffer from incontinence, urinating from excitement, excessive marking, and surgery recovery purposes. 

Since I have quite a few experiences with dog surgeries and recoveries in the past, I would like to share with you Ten Surgery Recovery Tips on how to take care of your dogs after surgery and to keep your dogs and you calm during the recovery process.

Ten Surgery Recovery Tip for Dogs


Separate him/her from other dogs 

Keep your dog in a safe and secure location away from your other pets.

This could be a room in a different part of your home or a blocked off area of a living space.


Make sure he/she has food and water

 Be sure your dog has access to separate food and water bowls when recovering from surgery.


Let him/her wear a wrap or diaper

Use either a wrap or diaper for your dog. The wraps can be used for male dogs and the diapers can be used for female or male dogs. This way will keep their incision or wound as clean as possible while making their recovery less painful.  

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Let him/her stay in a clean and quiet part of the home

 Having an area that’s clean and away from the noise of other pets and people will make it much more relaxing for your dog to recover. 


Give him/her pills as recommended

Follow your veterinarian’s instructions and recommendations when it comes to what pills to give, how much per dosage and when to give them.


Have lavender essential oil around to help him/her relax

Relaxing and calm energy is very helpful when trying to recover from surgery. Put a few drops of essential oils around your dog’s bed to promote a restful and peaceful environment.


Check on him/her often

Be sure to check in on your dog often to make sure he is healing properly and for you to spot if something is wrong.


Give him/her comfort by petting his/her head and saying he/she will be okay 

 Consoling your pet, with affection and love, will make him feel safe and aid in his fast recovery.


Follow your veterinary care instructions and go for your next checkup

Make sure to go for the next checkup so your veterinarian can see that everything is going well, and nothing more needs to be done. 


Call your vet right away if there’s an emergency or you have some concerns about your dog

Always have your vet’s number on hand in case of an emergency you have during your dog’s recovery process.   

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