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Happy summer, love!

This time of year, is all about sunny blue skies, warm summer breezes and fun backyard BBQ parties! What better way to celebrate a beautiful sunny day than with a backyard BBQ party, right? This year I started of my summer with something fun, I had a chance to throw a backyard BBQ with Dr Pepper and had so much fun putting it all together. From the food we ate, to having all the right supplies, Walmart was our go destination.

My husband and I went to our local Walmart to stock up on all the essentials to get ready for our special event. We loaded up on party supplies, chips, dip and most importantly, Dr Pepper. We bought a 12 oz. 12 pk cans, a 7.5 oz. 15 pk cans and a few bottles so everyone would get to satisfy their thirst their own way.

I wasn’t surprised that everyone loved that we had Dr Pepper for them to enjoy on such a hot summers day and loved the theme we were able to create. I was a happy host for the day!

Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibesclosetSummer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibesclosetSummer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibesclosetSummer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Before we get into the party details, I wanted to mention one quick surprise Dr Pepper and Walmart are having this summer so that you have a chance to get your hands on their cute prizes.


When you buy Dr Pepper 6/15-8/15 this summer, you can upload your receipt at www.drpepper.com/walmart to get the prizes like:

  • Spend $5 get 5 bottles = Dr Pepper Retro Specs
  • Spend $10 get 10 bottles = Dr Pepper Copper Lined Mug
  • Spend $20 get 20 bottles = Dr Pepper Bluetooth Speakers
  • Spend $30 get 30 bottles = Dr Pepper Pool Float

It’s that easy that you can get your Dr Pepper prizes by just visiting your local Walmart during June 15th- August 15th, 2018 then take a quick picture of your receipt (s) and upload it on the website, www.drpepper.com/walmart. Make sure you don’t miss your chance for some cool summer items Dr Pepper has to offer. Feel free to spread the word to your friends and family so they can have their summer in style with Dr Pepper as well.




Now, let’s get back into what I did with my backyard BBQ party.


We went for a simple blue and yellow theme with a twist of western cactus and flowers. When creating a theme for a party, I suggest you have two to three main colors and stick with them. It’s just to make sure your party is unique and memorable. Another thing is that you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too many colors. As summer is all about vibrant and bright colors, I wanted our centerpiece to say that, with a variety of beautiful, colorful flowers but I still had the majority of them in yellow.

Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Summer Backyard BBQ with Dr Pepper Walmart allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Summer Backyard BBQ with Dr Pepper Walmart allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset


I’m not going to talk about the food as each family has their own BBQ styles or favorite foods. But I would love to mention about one simple but special treat here.


One sweet treat that I experimented on were some Dr Pepper popsicles. When I was a kid, I loved making my own popsicles at home because of how cool and refreshing they made me feel on such hot summer days. I took a can of Dr. Pepper and poured it into some plastic popsicle molds, snapped on the colorful handles and popped them into the freezer to set. I almost couldn’t wait for them to set so I kept opening up the freezer again and again. They’re just so good and I highly recommend for you to try them for your summer party.

One tip, make sure you don’t fill the molds all the way to the top as the carbonation will fizz over and make a big mess in your freezer! Yikes! I learned that the hard way, made a second batch and was still able to come out with some cool and refreshing Dr Pepper popsicles.

Summer Backyard BBQ with Dr Pepper Walmart allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Summer Backyard BBQ with Dr Pepper Walmart allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset


Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset Summer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibesclosetSummer-Backyard-BBQ-with-Dr-Pepper-Walmart-allaboutgoodvibes.com_@thevibescloset

Last but not least, you will see the fun, unique “Pick Your Pepper” packaging designed by millennials, for millennials that will be available in stores starting on June 15th, 2018. I’m already planning to stop by #Walmart again for the new Dr Pepper packaging this week. I can’t wait to see how fun their new #PickYourPepper will be. I might throw another summer party, who knows!

Lastly, the best part about having a backyard BBQ party is being able to spend time with friends and family. Although the weather might be a times too hot to bear, drinking an ice-cold Dr Pepper and laughing the heat off with friends can help make you forget, what heat? Make sure to take this special season to throw your own Dr Pepper party with family and friends. Walmart has everything you need to throw a fun and exciting party, but don’t forget to grab some Dr Pepper.

Thank you for stopping by All About Good Vibes today, have fun hosting your Dr Pepper summer party and have a wonderful Summer, love.


“‘Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.” – John Mayer




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