Statement Earrings for A Small Budget | Three Tips to Wear Statement Earrings


Have I mentioned before that I’m obsessed with earrings? If I have not, now you know. Even though you don’t see me wearing earrings in all of my posts, I’m an earring lover at heart. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner and a good pair of statement earrings can make or break your outfit (or bank), and to help you a bit, I did some homework and found some budget-friendly pairs that you can take a look at, get a pair or two and wear them on this upcoming Valentine’s day.

Before we get right to all of the choices, I have a few tips on how to wear statement earrings for any day and any occasion to share with you today. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

3 Tips to Wear Statement Earrings

Make them pop

The first tip I’m recommending you to wear your statement earrings is to make them pop. You have to make sure that your earrings standout from your outfit because they’re a statement piece and you want people to see them before they compliment you on other items.

The way you can implement this tip is to put on the right outfit. You want to make your earrings pop by wearing simple style clothing. Try to stick with simple cut clothing, not a ruffle sleeve blouse or a tutu skirt. If you can pick the outfit that shows off your neckline or shoulders like a Bardot style top or dress, that will make your earrings visible as you walk into the crowd.

You should also pick your colors of clothing accordingly, use soft and subtle colors if you pick the bright and intense colored earrings and switch them the other way round.

No necklace no worry

The second tip is to leave your neck freely.

You don’t want to overwhelm your neckline as your neck and shoulders will be the display base for your earrings. If you can put your hair up, or have any hairdos that will show off your earrings, this will help emphasize them perfectly.

But if you can’t leave home without your neck accessories, try choosing the tiny dainty necklace instead of a big and noticeable one.

Contrast them with your outfit

Moving on to my last tip on how to wear a pair of statement earrings is to use the color contrasting rules (complementary color theory). If you don’t know the basic contrast color pairing are, you  can head on over to google and search for “complementary colors list”, then you will see all of the pairing color lists come up.

And even though I suggest you to choose your colors accordingly in the first tip, you can still want to play with color contrasting a bit. For example, if you wear a soft peach dress (simple cut of course, something like this), you can pick a pair of Royal blue earrings to contrast with your dress. This tip will make your outfit more interesting and make your classy dress look more fun.

I don’t recommend you to go for a full saturation for both earrings and outfit but to keep your outfit in a softer tone than the earrings.


Below I’ve picked twenty plus pairs of inexpensive statement earrings for you. Hope you will find the right pair to go with your outfit.


Statement Earrings for A Small Budget | Three Tips to Wear Statement Earrings

1. Tassel Earrings with Druzy Stud – Sugarfix

2. Feather Embellished Drop Earrings – Romwe

3. Triad Ball Drop Earrings – Sugarfix 

4. Tiered Tassel Drop Earrings – Sugarfix

5. Ear Jackets with Pavé Gift Set – Sugarfix

6. Tiered Tassel Drop Earrings – Sugarfix

7. Statement Earrings Enamel Face Shape Dangle Earrings – Romwe

8. Tassel Earrings – Sugarfix

9. Marble Effect Ring Drop Earrings – Romwe

Statement Earrings for A Small Budget | Three Tips to Wear Statement Earrings

10. Red Love Earrings – Romwe

11. Rhinestone Top Pom Pom Decorated Drop Earrings – Romwe

12. Acrylic Round Triangle Geometric Drop Earrings – Romwe

13. Red Luxury Rhinestone With Long Tassel Earrings – Romwe 

14. Tassel and Triangle Shape Earrings – Romwe

15. Rhinestone Top Fringe Drop Earrings – Romwe

16. Contrast Drop Earrings – Romwe

17.  Metal Round Drop Earrings – Romwe

18. Heart Linked Drop Earrings – Romwe


Statement Earrings for A Small Budget | Three Tips to Wear Statement Earrings

19. Round Design Drop Earrings – Romwe

20. Sequin Detail Tassel Drop Earrings – Romwe

21. Fringe Tassel Hoop Drop Earrings – Romwe

22. Hollow Water Drop Shaped Drop Earrings – Romwe

23. Exaggerated Moon Design Stud Earrings – Romwe

24. Heart & Pom Pom Design Drop Earrings – Romwe

25. Raw Trim Open Hoop Drop Earrings – Romwe

26. Water Drop Faux Pearl & Heart Design Earrings – Romwe

27. Triangle And Tassel Detail Drop Earrings With Gemstone – Romwe

Those are all of my easy tips on how to make a statement out of your earrings. If you have any other tips you’re using yourself, feel free to leave your comments below.

P.S. If you have more of a budget, here are some pricey pairs that would be worth the investment.


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