I don’t know about you but I can feel the energy around me is starting to change and this happens every time the new season arrives. This spring I’m feeling the growth, freshness, more love and passion are in the air. It might be because the flowers are starting to bloom or that the other day I saw these cute bird couples were helping each other find some leaves to make their new nests in the trees. One couple were in my front yard and the other one were in my backyard. How adorable is that, right?

It’s Spring!

My dormant grass is now starting to come back to live once again after a long winter sleep. Now everything around me is filled with greater excitement and joy including my family that we were just welcoming our new bundle of joy, our second daughter, Aveena, (watch our family moments here). I have to say that I really love all the good vibes spring is bringing to all of us.

Since I’m now about 90% recovered from my repeat C-section, it will be a six week mark tomorrow and I’m so ready to rock and roll with anything that comes my way. I have some fears that I was trying to avoid for so long. I’m now going to stop and face those fears. I know you might have some too but hear me out, life is too short to be afraid and to stop yourself from fulfilling happiness in to your life. You should stop wasting your time escaping and avoiding whatever you are afraid of. Let this season be a starting point of the end of your fears. Start one fear at a time and start small. I promise I’m going to do this with you.

Eliminate Fears

What I suggest you to do is to list all your fears, figure out what’s causing them and what you are missing out when having those fears. Then write down ways to help you face your fears and how you would feel if those fears are gone. Next step is implementing those steps. Try recording your achievements every day. If one way doesn’t work, don’t worry! Sit back, relax and try a different way to face your fears. You will live without them soon because you are taking action to make them go away.

My Blogging Fear

One of the fears I had as I started to blog was no one would like my style. So I tried to dress like other girls who were cool and popular on social media. I got clothes that I would only wear to take pictures, I wore once for like 30 minutes and never worn them again. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing those outfits and walking around the street or to go to a movie theatre. What a waste of money and time spent to try to be someone else who I’m not.

Being Unique

As my blog has grown, I have come to realize that there is no point of having a blog unless I use it as a tool to connect with others through my own style and thoughts. But in opposite, I used it to become someone else who I’m not. All this nonsense had to stop. What happened next was me becoming happier at blogging more than ever. I have so many styles I love. I’m made of different personalities. I’m sure you can resonate with this too. One day I can dress whimsy. The next day I can be a classy girl. Or I can dress like an edgy 90s cool kid. Those are totally me. I admit I can’t stick to only one style like a lot of people. I’m full of everything!

I often get comments saying “I love your unique style.”. Sometimes I’m like, is that a compliment?. Haha! Whatever! If they love it that’s good enough for me.

Style and Fears

Let’s get back to spring a little bit. As I talk about style and fear earlier, why don’t you take advantage of the beginning of this spring season to deal with your fashion and style fears first. Think about one item in your closet that you were afraid to wear. Ask yourself why and try to find a way to fix your fears, get that piece of clothing on you! It shouldn’t be that hard. If you can do it, I have a surprise gift box filled with goodies for one of you who can fix and face your fears. Keep on reading to find out how you can win them. Is that encouraging enough?

Enter My Giveaway

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Let’s get back on track here. Fears and style. I’m always afraid of wearing spaghetti straps. I’m so insecure of my arms and armpits. Oh wow, I’m already proud of myself of saying it and being so real on my space. Here I am wearing one in this blog post.


I’m also afraid of wearing a non fitted dress with only an inch above the knee length. It always makes me look shorter. But here I am wearing that type of dress too.


I guarantee you, you will be able to get rid of your fears if you feel good about the process and you start believing in yourself. And believing that you can do it too!

I don’t want this post to be longer than this, because it’s already too long. But I want to give you some quick spring tips on how to pick your spring dresses.

These two simple tips are not new and I’m sure you have heard of them before. In case you forgot, I’m bringing them up to remind you to start wearing them now.

Wear Bright

Either red, pink, green, yellow or orange. Pick one color that you like most and start your bright spring journey from there. Bright colors often bring uplifting energy and make your day more fun. Notice it next time you wear something bright.

I know of a lot people who don’t like wearing bright colors and only stick with white and black. If you are one of them, loosen yourself up a bit and enjoy the bright side of fashion. You will feel a lot better. Just don’t let those fear stop you.


Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai


Choose Floral Prints

This is a no brainer of a choice. It’s spring and it’s the season of flowers. Having a few pieces of floral print is a good way to add spring to your closet. If you want to add some femininity and sweetness to your style this season, choosing floral prints are always a good idea.


Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-ThaiSpring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai Spring-Dresses-_-Facing-Your-Fear_allaboutgoodvibes.com-Molly-Larsen-Style-blogger-Tucson-Arizona-Thai


My Picks


Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope you like what I shared and gain some life benefits after reading this post. Remember to not let your fears stop you from enjoying your life. Life is too short to be scared. You deserve whatever your heart desires. Face your fears, no more avoiding because the more you try to escape, the more likely they are to follow you. I believe in you and I know you believe in yourself too. Let’s do this!

What’s one of your style fears, how are you going to fix it and will you be able to get rid of your fear?

Leave your comment below for a chance to win my surprise gift box. I will pick the winner and announce it here on this post at the end of this month. Waiting to read your stories!

And the winner is Gabrielle! Congratulations! Please contact me to claim your gift by April 5th, 2019.
Email: hello@allaboutgoodvibes.com.

“Everything you want is on the other side of your fear.” – Jack Canfield









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