I have to say that I’m not a flower person. When it comes to flowers I am very picky. My boyfriend (who’s now my husband) once brought me a bouquet of roses, he had no idea that I don’t like roses. Well, to be nice I accepted that beautiful bouquet, said thank you and let him know how beautiful the flowers were then told him afterwards that he didn’t need to get me flowers from now on! Lol! He knows now about what kind of flowers I like, so the next surprise would be better than the first time. Crossing my fingers here! 

Today’s post is dedicated to someone who is as picky as me. If you’re a gentleman looking to buy some nice meaningful flowers beside roses for your loved one, please follow along. I’m going to talk about my 3 favorite kinds of flowers and the meaning behind them. This will help you to decide what flowers to give as a gift for Valentine’s Day and any other special occasion. Below are three of them:


I love tulips because of its straight structure, and how minimal looking it is. Nothing too complicated when you look at tulips which makes sense that this flower symbolizes 

perfect love. Each color has their own meaning, for example white tulips mean pure love, cream tulips mean  forever love, pink tulips mean happiness and care, red tulips mean believe in love, purple tulips mean loyalty and yellow tulips are a little tricky because it has two meanings “you are my sunshine” or “rejection in love”. If you decide to send someone yellow tulips, don’t forget to send a card along with them too. Or if you receive them, make sure you know what meaning you should be thinking about. Hope it’s a “You are my sunshine” one.



Every time I look at peonies, I can feel the loveliness, sweetness and romantic feeling at once. This type of flower is so feminine, elegant and beautiful. No wonder that it symbolizes good fortune and happy marriages. It is also a symbol of peace, stability, distinction and wealth.

If you’re married and what to surprise your wife or hint your husband to surprise you, peonies would be a great idea. 

But if you’re looking to get them for Valentine’s Day, too bad that peonies are blooming only in spring, and only for a short time, if you’re lucky enough, you can find them but it would be SUPER expensive this time of the year. You might want to get something that similar like garden roses, I love this type of roses. It’s the only exception that I would be grateful to receive a bouquet of roses! They’re so gorgeous! And the meaning of roses varies by color too, I will talk about Pink and White.

Pink roses are a classic symbol of grace and elegance, they are often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. White roses is a symbol for true love. 


Theses tiny delicate flowers are one of my favorites. Most people arrange them with different kinds of flowers. It also looks very beautiful by itself. I love that they last for a long time. 

Pure of Heart and innocence are the symbol for Baby’s Breath. These bright white tiny flowers also symbolize everlasting love, including family, friendship, romantic bonds, self discipline and the ability to stay focused on love. 

If you’re looking for something special, all these types of flowers won’t upset you and the recipient.

Today I’m wearing this shoulder skimming bodysuit with floral applique details from Missguided (it just went out of stock today!Sorry!).  I love the colors and how feminine it looks which is so perfect for this Valentine’s Day. You can shop for similar statement bodysuits I’ve listed below.

I pair my bodysuit with my ripped jeans, these jeans are also from Missguided and they’re out of stock too. I’ll leave some similar pairs down below if you want to check them out. These jeans are so comfortable and I’m wearing them all the time as you can see from my Instagram feeds. I love the raw flayed hem, they’re just so fun and different. If you like a comfortable Valentine’s Day date, I would go for a statement top and a pair of jeans. It’s a fun and loving holiday to celebrate so I don’t think you should feel worried and have to self correct your outfit all the time! Try something that will make you look pretty and easy to move in, this is the way we should go for this lovely day!

I’m wearing jewelry pieces from AUDAVIV I love this black and white bow bracelet by Ariane Jewels. It adds more prettiness to this look. I layered two necklaces together, edgy triangle and tiny arrow, I’m trying not to overwhelm the neckline so those floral details from the bodysuit can be the main focus. For my earrings I’m wearing geometric studs from French designer GISEL B.


If you’re interested in seeing more of the beautiful jewelry pieces from AUDAVIV you can check them out hereYou can mention @thevibescloset at the check out to receive a free gift when you shop over $65. 

My handbag is from Charles and Keith and my shoes are from an open market shop in Bangkok, Thailand. They both added some vintage and romantic feels to this look. 

“The best love is the one that makes you a  better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.” – Unknown


*This post contains affiliate links and sponsored products by IrresistibleMe.*

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