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 Hello there my love! Welcome to spring! 🙂

How weird is that when talking about spring, you don’t want to wear floral patterns! No, not weird at all my love, this happened to us ladies. Some days you might feel like I don’t need a single petal in my life right now or some days all you want is to have florals all day everyday please! It happens to us all the time and I get it. In case you’re in a “No florals” mood lately like me, today’s post might be a good read to get your spring fashion ready for this year.

Simple spring fashion tips I’m about to share with you today are super practical. You might find them too simple which makes you forget about how easy it is to make your spring wardrobe happen. Before you get confused with what I’m trying to say. Why don’t we get started on today’s topic? 

Light Side Of Neutrals

Because spring is all about blooming and bright, you might want to pick the clothes that are lighter and brighter in colors. The most common neutral colors in the fashion industry are black, white and grey but cream, pale pink, navy, olive,  burgundy and silver are also considered neutrals. These colors blend well with other colors and don’t stand out. Like I mentioned earlier, we will have to pick the light shades of neutrals for spring. Your cloths can be a solid color like light gray, tan, ivory, pale pink, light sand, white and etc. It’s a good way of transitioning from winter to spring. If you don’t like floral patterns, working with colors are the way to bringing spring into your wardrobe.

Shine Bright Like A Sunshine Day Accessories 

One thing that can make spring happen without any effort is choosing your accessories. The rules that I always use with myself is based off the Color Theory. I use these three the most: Monochromatic, Analogous, and Complementary. Let me explain to you how I use them.

Monochromatic: Wearing one color with different tints, tones, and shades. You will get a feel of clean and elegant when wearing this look. For example, you can use white as your primary color (dress), using blush for shoes and bag and using coral (the brightest color) to highlight your necklace. You can use the brightest color for any of your most important accessories you would want to show off. 

Analogous: Using the three colors that are side by side on a color wheel for example blue, blue-green and green. In this case your accessories’s color should be green because green is in the warmer side of a color wheel. Analogous color schemes match well with each other and make a pleasant look when using them together. I’m loving this color wheel chart from this blog especially when I’m putting some Analogous outfit together. 

Complementary: Using two opposite colors from the color wheel. For example, if I’m wearing a lavender dress, I would pick a yellow necklace. Like its name, these two colors use each other to enhance or emphasize their qualities. 

Try not to use to same color for both accessories and clothes unless you want to emphasize the “all black everything look”. Make sure one of your pieces are screaming spring out loud, then it’s worth the try! 

No Florals No Problem 

Instead of wearing floral pattern clothing, you can put some polka dots, stripes, gingham, chevron, paisley or plaids on. They’re all good for spring. See! You don’t need to worry at all about florals. They’re plenty of pattern choices out there for you to choose from. Adding a spring collection to your closet won’t be that hard anymore. 

Give me some Flowy and Soft Touch  

The right type of fabric can help create a complete spring look. You want to go for some soft and lightweight fabric like sheer, lace, rayon, silk and cotton. These fabrics will be great for spring and summer. They can keep you warm in the early spring days and keep your skin cool when summer has arrived.  

Spring Make Up And Perfume Scent 

This last tip might not be a fashion tip, it’s slightly more about beauty aspects. But I found that fashion and beauty always go great together. Picking bright color lipsticks like Fuchsia Pink, Striking Red and Vibrant Burnt Orange will make your spring feel like a wonderland without any blooming flowers in the picture. You can wear black on black on black but those bright lips will scream hello spring for you. I also found that spring scented perfume can help uplift our spring spirits. There are plenty of spring perfumes out there but my love for one right now has to go for Dior Absolutely Blooming. I’m working on a spring perfume collection post, it will be live sooner than you think. 🙂 

I hope my spring closet guide can help you pick the right spring pieces that are not just florals, like a lot of people are wearing for spring. I’m not saying that I’m never going to wear a floral dress at all this seasons. I predict that you will have one of those days that you are tired of florals and don’t what to wear them. I’m the same way. Just remember this post and you will think of a fabulous spring outfit to wear! 

Have a great week my love!
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See you again soon on my next post!  

“Don’t waste the season of life you are in now because you want the next one to come.” – Unknown


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