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I have to admit that the first thing that I do in the morning is looking at my phone without wearing computer glasses. Checking social media notifications, emails, shopping apps, and other messages. The second thing I do is look at my laptop screen. I know I should practice some self-care and get up to workout instead but I can’t help it. Actually, I have to look at my iPad to see my workout of the day to be able to workout. Let’s say whatever I do during the day includes one or all the use of my electronic devices in it.

Nowadays, we’re all relying on our electronic devices in so many ways, finding recipes online, searching for something you’re curious about, stalking your ex(es). Many of us don’t realize that this continuous activity of bad self-care is actually hurting your health. Not saying you will get some disease from looking at the screen for a long period of time but If you have eye strain, macular cellular damage, and sleep cycle disruption problems, you might want to keep on reading.

As you know I am a blogger (plus a stay at home mommy) most of the time besides reading books, taking care of my baby, and working on taking pictures for my blog and social media, my work requires me to use a computer most of the time. I will go on my phone to share my product reviews, post the picture to announce that I have my new post up on my blog as well. Not only that, I love to read and find inspirations on Pinterest and doing some (a lot) of online shopping. Sometimes, my eyes and my head hurt, and guess what? I blame myself that I don’t drink enough water, but I still continue to have pain. I second-guessed using my computer as giving me all the problems. That’s why I started looking into ways of fixing my problems to promote better wellness and self-care for myself.


I was curious about computer glasses and was wondering if they even existed. There had to be someone who invented some kind of glasses for people who work on computer screens for long periods of time. I started to do some research, ONLINE of course and found out that there are companies out there that do offer computer glasses. I contacted Felix Gray and asked them to provide me a pair of glasses so I could try them and share my thoughts with all of you. So, this post is sponsored by Felix Gray but all opinions are 100% my own.

I have to be honest with you that I am still not used to wearing glasses all the time. I caught myself starting to squint my eyes after using my computer and then remembering to put the glasses on. Slowly it became a habit because after using the computer, my head and eye pain slowly started to lessen and completely disappear wearing the Felix Gray glasses.  


Before we get into my opinions about the Felix Gray computer glasses, I would like to share some information that I found on the Felix Gray website to be beneficial in the decision making the process.

What exactly is Blue Light?


Blue light is a “high-energy” light that is emitted from all computer screens. Though this makes screens more energy-efficient, it can have negative impacts on our health if looked at for long periods of time. There have been studies that show blue light may be linked to eye strain, macular cellular damage, and sleep cycle disruption. With the blue light filter lenses through Felix Gray, they can protect the highest energy wavelengths of 400-440 nm, suggesting complete protection.


You can choose to get different size magnification (+0.25) or none at all depending on your eyesight. If you’re fixated to your screen, then magnification may be right for you. The slight magnification reduces stress on the cellular muscle, which works extra hard when we stare at objects up-close for long periods of time.


For the reading lenses, you can choose the reading prescription that ranges from (+1.0) to (+2.5). Both non- RX and Reading lenses help Reduce Glare.


Glare creates unnecessary feedback that our eyes need to filter out. This causes stress on our eyes but is easily prevented. Felix Gray’s lenses have premium AR coatings (anti-glare) to prevent up to 99% of glares from entering our eyes. Glares are emitted from many sources of light, including computer screens (desktop monitors, laptop screens, phone screens, and tablets). It is a common and often overlooked culprit of Digital Eye Strain according to many. Symptoms of DES (also known as Computer Vision Syndrome) include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.


Anti-glare lenses virtually eliminate glare by allowing more light to pass directly into your eye from a single angle. This optimizes our visual acuity, which basically means we can see better.


At Felix Gray, they currently have five unisex frames that are available in non-prescription and reading lenses. You can choose between a non-RX and a Reading option and both options come with Blue Light Filters. If you’ve been following along with my blog for a while you should know by now that I like oversized glasses. Of course I picked the biggest frames that they have. This style is called “Jamison“. 

Photos via Felix Gray

Now let’s hear my thoughts:

  • The frame is light, clear and wide enough that I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing them. I rarely find myself adjusting the glasses upwards to fully maximize the comfort of view.

  • Although there is a slight greenish/yellowish tint present when looking through the glasses, this helps me to concentrate without getting distracted or rubbing my eyes from the blue light shining out of the computer.

  • The glasses are very stylish and add a level of aesthetic to any outfit you wear. I love that they are unisex because I sometimes catch my husband wearing them and realize how good they look on both of us (LOL).

  • The price can seem quite high when you compare to other computer glasses in the low 20s, but with the high-quality material, stylish frames to choose from and added levels of professional protection, the price is no match for the level of value Felix Gray brings. 

  •  The best part is that I can work longer on the computer without having to worry about my eyes and head hurting. I notice however that I still have dry eyes, I hope that these will eventually go away after my eyes fully adjust to the computer glasses.

I’ve always dreamed about wearing glasses to look cool but my eyesight is normal so I never had the chance to wear glasses while working. I now know a lot of shops are selling non-prescription glasses to go with your outfit or make you more stylish. Having a pair of glasses from Felix Gray not only brings the fashion out but also is worth your spending because of the purpose behind your accessory. 

Let me know what you think and feel free to check them out.


Today I’m wearing a Sara Boo floral dress with my Forever 21 peep toe slingback mules (similar here and here).


You can use “VIBES20” to get a 20% discount on your purchase on saraboousa.com.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Have a lovely day, my love! See you again soon! 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

— Abraham Lincoln



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