Outfit details; Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | Bandana Choker: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 (similar here or here) | Earrings: Forever 21 (similar here or here)
Watch: Timex | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


Hello my love!

When it comes to something festive, most items that come up into our minds have to be suede, leather, fringes, lace, crochet crop top, silver jewelry, boots, crown hat, floral crown, bandana and denim shorts.  

I’m not talking about all of those festive statement pieces in this post today instead I’m going to talk about denim on denim, the style that you can dress up or down, country chic, feminine, boho or even modern chic, it will flatter you either style you choose. 

The basic rules of wearing double denim are: 

You have to mix colors and shades.

Playing with colors is very important when it comes to double denim. You don’t want your look to feel so plain unless you want to achieve a super simple look. Colors and shades help make your look feel more captivating and helps to add dimension to the whole look. I recommend picking one of your favorite pieces as your main focus, then find colors for another piece by looking for the color that’s darker or lighter only by one to two shade. For example, if you pick your black jeans as your main focus, try to find your denim top in grey or light grey. If you pick a light blue denim top as your main piece, you can pick your bottom in white or dark blue. Your look will be more polished than picking whatever pieces you have from your closet.

Know how to mix fabrics

When wearing double denim, you still want to look as stylish as you can. You don’t want to wear the same weight denim for both top and bottom. It will make your look too structured or too soft. It will make your look uninteresting or too interesting in a not so good of a way. You can wear a denim maxi dress with a denim jacket, this represents soft and structured. Stretch denim skirt matches with chambray or soft denim shirt is another perfect combination. You can even pick tie dye fabrics that have blue or darker blue shades, try to look for the shades that can represent denim. 

How to make your denim on denim look more festive? 

Lightweight & Loose fitted top

The reasons behind lightweight and loose fitted, it is to make your look more flowy and feminine. Because festive style is a part of romance culture, bringing out your feminine side without showing a lot of your skin will make you a little bit more classy in this case. Flared sleeves, off the shoulders, lace up or fringes detailing top are all good. I have picked some denim tops to help you save some time.

Destroyed Jeans

Raw cut hems, ripped and distressed jeans, can  help create a festive look effortlessly good. You can choose any style you prefer, boyfriend jeans, mom, skinny, flare, wide legs, or even shorts, all that matters is the destroyed look.
Here’s what I’ve picked for you. 

Tassel and Fringe Accessories 

To achieve the festive denim on denim look, you don’t need to use denim accessories. Sometimes less is more, you don’t want to overwhelm the overall look. You can pick accessories that have tassels or fringes or both as your accessory pieces. Beware of the colors you pick, try to go with lighter or darker shades than your outfit. But if you want your accessories to speak out, you can pick bright colors like pink, orange, red or yellow. These colors will compliment your double denim look.



No you don’t need a pair of boots to make you look festive. Lace up sandals, espadrilles or peep toe sandals will do you justice. Try to stay with neutral colors like black, brown, nude, tan and white. If you want to add some colors to your footwear, you can go for the ones that have some embroidered flower details on them, that will add some festive souls into your double denim look. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and got some ideas on how to wear double denim in a festive way. If you’re going to a Music festival or any festive event, double denim might be a good choice for you to wear. If you do pick to wear denim on denim and use some of my tips, feel free to tag me (www.instagram.com/thevibescloset) on your Instagram post. I can’t wait to see how you pull your look together! 

Let me know in the comments below what else you think can help make denim on denim look even more festive. I’m learning new things everyday because life never stops teaching. 🙂

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See you again soon my love!

Have a wonderful day!

“Fashion has always been a reputation of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.”

— Carolina Herrera 


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