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Going out on a normal date or a special one like Valentine’s day, they are all important, don’t you agree? It’s the first step to get the first impression and to learn about the person you’re going to, or planning to start your relationship with. Because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I came up with some last minute tips on what you should wear without spending any more money. Sometimes it’s so frustrating to try to find the right outfit, I’ve been in this situation for too many times, I know exactly how you feel. I remember buying new clothes just to wear on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day Date night, but I ended up not liking the clothes and I had to work with what I have.

The simple rule here is the wear less pieces, less is more! Let’s stay simple but classy. Your little black dress will work wonders on any date, pair it with a jacket and a pair of high heels, and you’re already killing it. Try to go for a neutral color jacket and the same hue of shoes. Or try to match the color of your bag and shoes to help emphasize the look. 

My outfit here, dress, jacket, and heels, I got them all from forever 21 two years ago. I’m still wearing them often. I’m leaving some similar pieces for you below for you to check out. You might not be able to get them for this Valentine’s Day, but it will be great pieces to add to your collection. These pieces will be perfect for when you don’t know what to wear on a date. 

Now let’s talk about how fortunate I am to have two weddings, wait it’s actually three wedding events, let me explain to you here. My husband and I had our wedding in Thailand (Thai ceremony in the morning and the wedding reception at night). So we had a chance to wear two different outfits in one day.  A few months later we flew back to the US and had our American wedding. 

So we were planning our wedding in Thailand one year in advance and for the one in the US, my parents in law, they were helping with every step in the process. All we had to do was just show up! 🙂

1. Budgeting is very important but you will go over your budget anyway! So try not to go over it too much because you will be upset later. It’s better to keep your money and enjoy it yourself. It’s not a good idea to spend your money in one event that people will forget in a couple of weeks. 

2. Not everyone is important, don’t invite them all to your wedding. It’s your special day, you only need someone who’s truly happy for you. Just a heads up, you will see some people who you have no idea who they are but they’re attending your events, some strangers and some you didn’t even think about inviting them they will show up today. 

3. Don’t buy your gowns, you can be broke because of that. I understand it’s a special something that you can pass on to your loved ones. But trust me I don’t want to wear my mother’s or my grandmother’s wedding gown. Let them decide what they like and what they want to do. You can help them with the cash! 

4. You should wear matte lipstick! I didn’t realize that this type of lipstick existed until a few months later! I kept messing with my lipstick all day! You suppose to kiss all day long, so this way it will help reduce the amount of times you have to apply your lipstick on.

5. Enjoy every single moment of your wedding, let other people deal with the drama, take lots of pictures, video recording is also a great idea. You want to look back and only see how happy you were. Remember it’s your day! 

Here’s how I feel about having two anniversaries: 

1. I feel so lucky that I had three beautiful wedding events. 

2. I love that my husband and I have some special moments that we’re always talking about.

3. I love to be able to give and get two anniversary gifts in the period of three months! 

4. I love that we have a lot of pictures of our weddings. It helps to remind us how lucky we are to find each other and be married to each other. We love our wedding video so much too! We’re in tears every time we watch it. 

5. Love = talking and understanding. Two weddings or ten weddings won’t matter if you’re closed your minded and shut your mouth. Talking is the key to a good relationship. Never keep your mouth and your mind shut if you want your relationship to grow stronger and stronger everyday. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! 

Enjoy your day my loves! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

“You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.” – Unknown 


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