If you’re on the way to thirty, your lucky that you have stumbled upon my blog post today. The sooner you realize these five behaviors, the better your life will be. I wish someone had told me about them before I turned thirty. But I didn’t mind figuring them out by myself. If you’re already in your 30’s, share with me what you think about what I’m about to tell you.

Since today is my birthday and I am not thirty anymore. I would love to give you this blog post as a life present, some part of what I’ve learned about life in these past thirty years. Just hear me out, you don’t need to follow them right away but at one point in your life, believe me, you will get rid of all these five behaviors completely. The sooner, the better you will be.

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I stopped pleasing other people.

I’ve learnt that the more you try to please people the more pain you’ll get. I know we all want to be accepted into society, it’s not your fault, it’s because we’re human and humans are a social animal who need love, acceptance, understanding, recognition and many other aspects when we’re with a group of people. I don’t blame you at all but if it’s too much to handle in order to get accepted into a group of people or even only to one person, why do you have to hurt yourself? You have to stop pleasing and start learning to love who you are and know what you really want. Being yourself is the best feeling ever. You know you can’t please everyone, right? So forget about them and start doing what you really love. I used to please a lot of people and at the end of the day no one really cared. They got what they wanted and they forgot about you. You deserve better than that. Create your own people, have you heard of “Your vibes attract your tribes.”, thats exactly right, you don’t need to pretend to be someone else just to get accepted. You will meet people who care for you and love who you are. If not today, trust me you will find them soon. For me, at this point of my life, the only people who I don’t mind pleasing is my family and myself. It might sound selfish for some, but you will learn and know that you shouldn’t waste your valuable time pleasing everyone. Because life is too short my loves, just enjoy the time you have.

I stopped worrying about the future.

I learned to live in the present. I know worrying doesn’t help speed up the process to get to the future. If you wish to have something, you have to start doing it now. Don’t wait for the future and hope it will provide you with what you want unless your doing something towards it. I’ve realized that the future is uncertain, people are born and people die, no one will lives forever. It’s kind of a scary thought to think like this, but it’s a good reminder to do something good today and to stop worrying about everything in the future. Live your life everyday with happiness, that’s the best thing you can do.

I stopped caring about my birthday party.

Why waste time and money to throw a party? No one will remember it. No one really cares. It’s another day of life you should cherish with your family. Birthdays are the day you should be thankful toward your parents, especially your mother who gave birth to you. Stop asking for presents, nothing will last forever. Give your parents a little bit more love on your birthday. Give them gifts instead of asking for one. They’re the people who will always be there for you and will love you no matter what. Let them know that you are grateful for everything they have done for you. Forget about the party, take your time and sit down to realize what had happened in your life. What should you do more for your family and yourself. Make your life a party and enjoy everyday so that you wouldn’t need a special party to bring happiness to you. 

I stopped stalking people on Facebook.

Are you still doing that? How was it? How did it make you feel? Not good, right?

I caught myself stalking some of my friends and someone who I used to know, after I was done doing that I could feel my mood had changed and my good day turned to be a bad day. I hate that feeling and I know it was from me looking at someone else’s stories that they might have actually made them up for you to feel painful when look at it. For example, I keep wanting to buy a designer bag. Then I start stalking one of my friends who happened to have just bought the exact same bag I want!! How do you think I feel? A little bit envious? You’re right! I started to blame myself and feel sorry for myself for a couple of days. After I realized how bad it was. I stopped right away. The thing is, you have to be grateful for what you have. They’re plenty of people who want to be like you and wish to have what you have. If you can cut this behavior out of your daily life, you will have a wonderful day everyday.

I stopped feeling bad when spending money on what I really want.

Have you ever had that guilty feeling after your done shopping? Even though you knew it was a good deal. I had that feeling all the time. But I would weigh the feelings between getting it or not getting it. What feeling is worst? Turns out the feeling of not getting it is pretty bad. You can’t take your mind off that lovely thing until you own it. I’ve been through this feeling too many years and I am done. Whatever I want I will get without any regrets or bad feelings. What has changed me is that I try to shop for something that makes me feel good or can help people or some organization when spending money. How can I feel bad, right?  You should start doing the same, there are plenty of shops that are helping out other people, animals or helping the world. Like one of the brands I am going to give you an example on today. BootayBag, underwear monthly subscription. For $12 dollars a month and free shipping ($10 flat rate for international shipping) , subscribers will get 2 pairs of panties picked to their individual style preference; Mix It Up: A combo of cheeky panties and thongs, Only Thongs or Never Thongs. 

The special thing about BootayBag is with every picture posted with the hashtag  #undermatters on social media, BootayBag will donate one dollar to the Melanoma Foundation! Think about it, this is such a good thing to do. You spend your money not only for the goods but you can also help others. If you want to learn more about BootayBag you can click the link here

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Whatever your decision is, all we need is to be happy with ourselves. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Care for the people who matter. No one knows the future, all we have to do is to do our best at the “NOW” not “THEN”. Give yourself rewards whenever you deserve them and try to give back to people who need it most.

Thank you for stopping by today my loves!

Happy birthday to me! Have a happy everyday to you! Before you go, please share with us, what else should we stop doing now?

“Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it.” – Unknown



*This post contains affiliate links and sponsored products from BootayBag. 


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