Hello there my loves!

The last day of my Early Christmas Shopping Series is finally here, and I’m so proud of myself. Blogging for thirty days in a row isn’t easy, I can tell you that. But it isn’t as hard as what a lot of people are imagining. I have gained a lot of experience In these past 30 days. I’ll definitely write a few blogs about what happened during these fun blogging days, what did I learn from it and some other stuff I find you might benefit from.

I have good news and bad news today. Which one do you want to hear first? Let’s start with the bad news so we can enjoy the rest of the content smoothly today.

The bad news is I’m sick! Well, the weather is changing and I really couldn’t get a good nights sleep every night this month. Lol! I’m thinking about blogging all day all night long. I’m also still breastfeeding my baby and working on other things besides blogging. There has been a lot of work load this month. I’ll try my best to recover as soon as I can. So I can do a lot of great things for all of you. That’s my bad news! Not too bad right?

Now let’s see whats the good news?

Start with good news numbers one, it’s some good news for me and it is part of today’s content. I got an early Christmas present from my husband. It’s a Burberry Horseferry Check Henley wallet on a chain, I’ve been wanting one for many months now. Lucky me I finally have one and I love it so much! You will see me wearing this in a lot on my blogs from now on. 

This present is kind of on the expensive side. You can get it and give it to yourself as a big thank you for being you and being awesome. You could ask your special someone to get it for you. Give them a hint with this blog post! How about that? This fashion item will go good with any outfit and occasion too because its all neutral colors. You can use it as a normal wallet or use it as a small crossbody. It works for both day and night. It has a zip coin pocket and 12 card slots. This gift is definitely for someone who’s very special for you. 

If you decide to get it online you can pre- order from Nordstrom or get it from their official website

That’s my short last present idea for you my love. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting what I’m doing. You are the energy that makes me able to drive and share my stories with all you amazing people. I promise I will do my best to create more beneficial posts for all of you. 

Before we say good bye today, I have some more good news to tell you.  Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of this month’s giveaway on my Instagram and my Facebook page. You may be the lucky winner. Please stay tuned for that. 

I really hope you’re getting tons of ideas from my blog posts in these past 30 days. Thank you again my loves! Happy holiday season and see you next month!

Details: Burberry Wallet on a chain Dress Sandals

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Unknown


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