It’s been a while since I made some free phone wallpapers for you to download. I finally had some time to sit down and made a few for you.

Today I created 7 self-reminder phone wallpapers just in case you needed to remind yourself how awesome you are! They are now ready and waiting for you just head over to the online library and grab yours now.

Over the past months, I was lost and confused with what I was doing and I often forgot to give myself credit when achieving any of my goals. I realized that we all need to remind ourselves sometimes that we are amazing and can do anything that we put our minds to.

I made these phone wallpapers in hope for you to feel good about yourself. You can change it up every day of the week and set it as your screensaver. This way when you look at your phone you will see the self-reminder message first thing.

Below I have put them in order for each day of the week. I added a quick note for each day as a reminder for you as well.


Focus on the good.

Note: The week is starting and you might not feel ready to start your week. A quick self-reminder is to only focus on the good. Think about all the opportunities and fun the new week is going to bring you. Just remember to focus on the good and good things will keep happening to you throughout the week.


Darling, you’re gorgeous.

Note: Own your beauty, and go concur the world. Never ever think you’re not beautiful. When you know you’re gorgeous, you will feel more confident and you know that confidence is key to everything.


You’re so great.

Note: It’s Tuesday and you’re doing great! Plus you’re so great! Keep reminding yourself that.


Own your power, ok?

Note: You’re already halfway through the week. Clap your hands for your hard work and dedication. Own your power and get things done with pride.


Baby, I got me.

Note: You know your capabilities and you know how far you can go. Don’t worry about others but always do it for you. You got this!


You’re a star.

Note: Woohoo!! It’s Friday. Congratulations! You’re a star. You always have been and you will always be.


Love yourself.

Note: Now it’s time to love yourself more. Feed your soul, skin, and style with some self-care practice today. Do whatever you want to do to take care of yourself today. Most importantly, remember to love yourself.

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Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope you like all of the wallpapers and my notes.

Stay tuned for more freebies!

See you again soon.

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