Melody & Rebecca Preset Bundle


Melody & Rebecca Bundle $70, get it now for $50


Melody is the perfect preset if you want your photos to have more emotion to them. It’s moody and has more of an artistic feel. I love the grain and matt feel of this preset as it makes the picture have more of a real magazine look. This preset is good for both indoor and outdoor as well as overexposed or underexposed photos.


Rebecca is my favorite preset for all things classy and sophisticated. It’s clean, crisp and clear. With Rebecca, you can highlight the entire part of your picture, not just your subject. It doesn’t matter about your lighting conditions because it’s good for both indoor and outdoor photos. What this preset does best is to help give your skin a glowing look while still maintaining that crisp feel. Rebecca can help take any photo and upgrade it to that sophisticated and classy vibe.

But there is no magic that will make these presets work with your photos right away. You need to adjust the settings a little to give your photos the best possible chance of looking great. If at first, your photo doesn’t look perfect, a minor tweak here and there will fix the problem. I explain the tips for each preset in this welcoming package so you can have a better understanding of them.

Please spread some love if you are loving these presets by telling your friends where they can shop. I worked very hard for many years to finally perfect the presets of my dreams. Please do not redistribute and claim as your own. We are here to support each other, not steal from one another. Promise? 🙂

You will receive:

1 x Welcome to Presets By Molly Package

1 x Melody.DNG file (download via dropbox, link provided)

1 x Rebecca.DNG file (download via dropbox, link provided)

*You will have 48 hours to download your files after purchase. The links will expire and you won’t be able to access them after the time is up.

**Due to the nature of downloadable products, returns nor refunds will be accepted.

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