This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Tiffany Kwong from  thepickyprincess.me.

I truly believe that every girl should get dressed up for a New Year’s Eve Party. My friend and I believe that if you’re ever going to have a reason to wear a 100% gold sequined skirt, it’s at a New Year’s Eve Party. 

I’m from Toronto and it tends to be snowing around New Year’s Eve so most girls probably wouldn’t wear a short skirt and a lace crop top, but if you love something it’s worth a little bit of pain. Just because a Princess is in a skirt and a lace crop top, doesn’t mean she isn’t tough.

This is literally my favorite crop top. It has a subtle layer of pink under the white that looks great against everyone’s skin tone. Of course I never leave the house without swiping on some lipstick. For a New Year’s Eve Party, a shiny and glossy red is the perfect choice to make my lips pop. 

One of my favourite buys recently is my blazer cape. I picked up this gorgeous piece at the Toronto’s woman show from a store called TOFARA that promotes high-end modern African dresses and African jewelry. It makes me feel luxurious and a bit like modern Royalty.

I finished my outfit with a sparkly clutch. This bag had removable straps which I thought would be perfect for the look. Since I was already wearing a cape, I felt straps would be distracting from it.

I wanted to include more glitter I painted my nails a metallic color, and painted my ring fingers with a glitter polish.

I wore a pair of Mary Janes high heels, but feel free to rock a pair of glittery heels if it pleases you.

Get My Look:

1. KWESH Black Cape 2. Sleeveless Lace Crop Top

3. Gold Sequin Mini Skirt 4. Black Glitter Adjustable Clutch 5. Black Mary Jane Heels

6. Gold Polish 7.Gold Sequin polish


Hello, I am The Picky Princess; a blogger based out of Toronto, Canada.

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough where I studied a Major in Media Studies and a Double Minor in Economics and English. I would never trade my university experience for anything. Two months after finishing my last semester, I started studying at The Toronto Film School in Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment. I take the things that I learn from my life experiences like travelling, my university experience and the things that I learn in class to help pick out good products, and styles.

Papa Kwong actually picked the name of the blog. Why The Picky Princess? I am one of the pickiest people around! I know what I like and, it is extremely hard to change my mind once I have had it set. I hope that you not only find humor, but some great advice and stories selected by yours truly.

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