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Hi there lovelies!

Today I want to introduce you to my new favorite beauty product for Fall/ Winter.

I hope you find this post helpful if you are in need of something that can keep your facial skin moist during these seasons.

I received HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum to try and give my thoughts on it. This HA7X Serum Review is from my own personal experience from using for the period of two weeks. Please understand that each of us will have different results even though we’re using the same product.

I have sensitive, dry and prone to acne type of skin. It’s hard for me to find the right products that can treat my skin. The ideal product for me is something that can keep my skin hydrated, non-harsh chemicals and doesn’t cause me serious acne.   

When I heard about HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum, I wanted to give it a try. After I’ve been using this HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum for over two weeks now, I can see my dark spots I got from breakout starting to get lighter. My skin is more hydrated. Normally this time of the year, fall/ winter in Arizona, my skin would be very dry. I would have to put on lots of moisturizers and creams all day to keep my skin hydrated. With this HA7X Serum, it holds the moister underneath my skin surface really well. I only put the serum on in the morning and at night. My skin feels soft and comfortable all day long.

 You can see my before and after pictures here.

Here are some more details about HA7X Serum. 

HA7X is the latest in dermal science, a multi-dimensional approach to the application of topical hyaluronic and rejuvenating complexes, this first-of-its-kind dermo-biotech serum combines 7 forms of hyaluronic technologies with a new, pioneering molecule from Givaudan(R) Active Beauty (a recent 2016 Gold Award winner), to deliver visible hydration, protection, plumping, smoothing, rejuvenation, and recovery from the skin’s surface down to subcutaneous levels.

HA7X supports the skin’s natural ability to replenish its own scaffolding, tightening and cushioning, and targets the protection of skin from stressors like cortisol, pollution and UV.

Here’s the link to the video so you can learn more about it: httpss://revivserums.com/products/ha7x-multi-molecular-hydrator-serum

HA7X includes 29 of the primary ingredients in award-winning HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator® by SkinMedica® / Allergan®. But we didn’t stop there: HA7X includes two additional, new hyaluronic technologies (for a total of seven), and the benefits of award-winning Neurophroline ™.



Winner of the 2016 Gold Award for Best New Ingredient at in-Cosmetics Paris, the leading global business event for personal care ingredients. According to swiss Givaudan SA, its developer, this exclusive extract derived from the tephrosia purpurea plant has demonstrated its unique biological capabilities to:

▶ Be the first bioactive cosmetic ingredient able to block the production of cortisol, the major stress hormone. 

▶ Promote the release of endorphins, a natural calming neuropeptide acting on mood and promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation.

▶ Provide fast benefits in only 2 weeks, with a visible reduction of redness (up to 2.4x), a very fast recovery of skin luminosity (+57%), and improvement in global skin color (+99%) after only 28 days.

Environmental pollutants including cigarette smoke, ozone, exhaust fumes and heavy metals generate free radicals that induce oxidative damage and put skin cells in a state of stress. The active Neurophroline ingredient targets these sources and effects, and is shown to have clinical efficacy in reducing the appearance of premature aging caused by environmental pollution.


Timed-Released + Nature-Derived + Crosslinked + Very Low Molecular Weight + High Molecular Weight + Patented Glyceryl + Silanol Variant

Dry skin lacks lipids and needs to be moisturized, but dehydrated skin (a much more common condition) lacks water and therefore needs to be hydrated. As long as the air is drier than your skin, water will evaporate. Skin loses water to the air all the time by transepidermal water loss.

And here’s where it get tricky: when your skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This excessive oil can cause breakouts, dry patches, redness, and skin can even feel both oily and dry at the same time.

Hyaluronic acid is your skin’s natural hydrating mechanism. HA holds in moisture and keeps skin supple and resilient. As we age, HA in the skin decreases dramatically, diminishing your skin’s ability to remain hydrated. The amount of HA we have at 40 or 50 is only 50% of the amount it has at age 20.

Very recent studies have discovered that combining such a number of different hyaluronic acid weights and types dramatically accentuates the efficacy of any standalone HA. HA7X Serum contains SEVEN unique forms & types of HA.

I would recommend this product to someone who has a similar skin type like mine, sensitive, dry and prone to acne type of skin. Instead of spending $30 or more on five separate products, that you would need to apply separately, you can pay only $89 and have a 5-in-1 skincare solution.      

Learn more about HA7X Multi-Molecular Hydrator Serum  here.

Before we say goodbye today, I have some good news for you!

Five lucky winners will each receive a full-sized package of new HA7X Serum, an $89 product. Entrants are limited to the readers who are located in the United States or Canada (except Quebec).

You can ENTER here! Good Luck my loves!

Thank you for your time reading this!

See you again soon my love!

Have a wonderful day!


“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

— Audrey Hepburn



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