bucket bag is for beauties!

Hello love, welcome to Fall! Today is the first official day of Fall! Yay! I’m so excited and so surprised at the same time of how fast time has gone by.  Even though I’m living in a desert, I can already feel the cool breeze in the morning.

For me this season is the second best time of the year after spring! The time that all the joy is about to happen. All the holidays are coming closer and closer.

This time of the year, I like to go to the mall and listen to all the happy holiday songs that a lot of places start playing. Holding a cup of hot chocolate, green tea latte or white chocolate mocha, either one of them in my hand and walking around is such a great feeling! I am so glad it’s Fall!

Their price point is very good for the quality that you will get. Also they have a rewarding program that I’m crazy about right now that everyone can join.To enter this season in style, I’m going to continue what I called “my project”, “Blogging the Series” with the Must Have Bags for Fall. In these seven days, I will introduce you to the different styles of bags from Dezzal.com, an online store I’ve just discovered. I will let you know how it works at the end of this post.

First bag I’ve picked for you today is the Bucket bags! Simplicity but yet stylist are making me so crazy in love with them. I just purchased one today from Dezzal. When I get it I will be sure to show you and talk about it on my blog.

Here are what I’ve got to show you today!  


FANICE Black Tassels Shoulder Bag

$ 88.99



ARTMI Floral Embroidery Velour Crossbody Bag

$ 59.99



VIEWINBOX String Tassel Design Crossbody Bag

$ 103.99



DLFringe Leather Bucket Tote Bag

$ 82.99



TEEINCO Color Block Leather Crossbody Bag

$ 58.99


FANICE Drawstring Tassels Crossbody Bag

$ 73.99


VIEWINBOX Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag

$ 110.99



ABBOTT VINTAGE Tassel Bucket Cross Body Bag

$ 78.99

The reward program at Dezzal is like wow! It’s so brilliant! They are using this program to spread the news about them. You can get free stuff from the store by sharing the products you like.

You can gain points when you sign up and get $50 to shop through this link

You can do the exact same thing with your friends by using your new account that you’ve signed up. Your friends will get $50 and you will get 50 points. 

The second your friends buy the product from the link you’ve shared to them, then the store will give you more store credits to your account.  Now you can get your favorite items for FREE. 

To make it easier to understand,  you will get your free products when someone buys from your link. Better?

Everyone will get the benefits from shopping here. That’s why I like it so much! Here I have a Coupon Code for 20% off for you for your first order: DZFIRST20 

Here’s the list of countries they can ship the products to right now, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. You can learn more about Dezzal.com here.

I will be back tomorrow for the next Must Have Style! Let me know which one is your favorite!
Enjoy your day my love!

I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” – Alexander McQueen.


*  This post contains affiliate links.

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