In today’s’ post, I am sharing a few tips to make your day more joyful with a set of Mommy, Baby at Home Workouts, you can do together while staying at home.


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It’s been an interesting time we all are facing, and it definitely brings us all closer together than apart, I have to say. One thing I have heard so many parents complaining about is that they are now spending so much time with their kids, and they don’t know what activities they should be doing because they can’t get out of the house and take their kids places. I know that it is going to be quite challenging for some parents who are always at work. You might feel a little lost at first, but trust me in this, it will get better, and you will love spending even more time with your kids after everything is all back to normal, (or at least the new normal).   

Use this special time to learn and spend more time with your children because no one will take better care of your kids than you do. If you have no patience with them, who else will? And you know your children better than anyone else. Am I right?


To help you stay active and productive at home with your kids, in today’s’ post, I am sharing a few tips to make your day more joyful with a set of Mommy, Baby at Home Workouts, you can do together. 

Fun Workout Tips with Kids

Before we get into the workout, I have a few tips to keep your workout fun with the below tips.

 1. Don’t take it too seriously. 

 Whenever you are participating in any activities with your kiddos, including working out, don’t take it so seriously. Remember that your kids want to have fun, and you want to relax, being too serious would ruin both of your moods and will create stress instead of joy.

2. Have fun with it. 

Make your workout fun by having fun with it. When I work out with my kids, my only objective is to have fun with them. I don’t set goals for how many sets and poses I wanted to do. As long as I get my kids to participate, I am happy. 

3. Learn with your kids.

I always learn new things in every workout session I have with my kids. It’s either my kids being creative with new poses or we are googling new lessons together. As you don’t need to know everything, you don’t need to be afraid of not being a perfect parent by not knowing everything. Well, it is impossible to know everything, so learn something new each day with them, it’s fun! 

Now, let’s get into some easy at-home workouts you can start doing with your kids every day.

We started with a butterfly pose to stretch, then follow by Seated Mountain Pose, Lotus Pose, Warrior II Pose, Downward facing dog stretch, Cat-Cow Pose, Sitting hamstring stretch, then Partner Forward Fold at the end. Then my little one joins in, so I used her as a weight to do a few sets of Squats and Leg Lifts.

See the photos for how much fun we had!


Butterfly Pose

Seated Mountain Pose

Lotus Pose

Warrior II Pose

Downward Facing Dog Stretch

Cat-Cow Pose

Sitting Hamstring Stretch

Partner Forward Fold


Leg Lifts

Share with me:

What are your favorite workout poses with your kids?

I hope you find this post helpful and help you to come up with a new activity to do with your kids today. 

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Stay safe and see you soon in my next post.

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