Dreaming of my own makeup vanity for a long time and finally today, I have an opportunity to partner with Desenio to create my dream vanity, where now it is one of my favorite corners in my home.

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I have to tell you now that I am not an interior designer, so I probably can’t give you good and proper instructions on how to choose the right furniture for your space. Even though I took a few classes in collage and have been applying some of the theories to my own home, I can only share with you my personal process on how to pick and decorate your space to make it a dream come true space.

In today’s post I will share with you my “Basic Décor Tips” I’m using to decorate my home, plus showing you the newest Vanity corner, I put together since last month.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Vanity Room Decor Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download



Vanity Room Decor Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download Pink Lips Neon Light

Tip 1: Get the Feel

My first thing I take into action when designing each space, is to come up with the felling of it. You can ask yourself a few of these questions below:

  • What’s the purpose of this space? (Relaxing, Excitement, Encouraging or etc.)
  • Do you want it to look modern, timeless, fun or what’s your main theme?

Sitting-Corner-in-Vanity-room-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

You will have to take some time to answer these questions just to get the feel of it. Identifying the purpose of your space will make it a lot easier when designing your area.

For example, if you’re designing a family area, you have to think in advance of what activities will you have in there. Is it just for the family to hangout and watch movies, or will it also be a place that you can host a fun party for 12, or will it be your snooze zone? If your family area is for a snooze zone, how to décor it will be totally different from arranging for a fun party. You see what I mean? Each purpose has its own feeling. Considering defining the purpose of your space in the first stage will be of big help before you choose your furniture and decoration pieces.

Talking about the era of your space, I always go for a few eras when choosing the furniture and décor accents. I feel like picking furniture with only one timeframe is too traditional and too formal for my untraditional taste.

Vanity-room-decoration-idea-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

You can see here that my Mirror and neon signs are a bit more vintage and the table, stool and my gold planter are more modern but they both complement each other perfectly.

Vanity-room-decor-posters-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download



Tip 2: Pick the Right Colors

Color plays a huge role when it comes to designing space. I love to look at the meaning of each color (aka, color phycology) to see how they connect with your emotional level. I did a blog post about COLORS THAT GO WELL WITH RED  ,you can have a quick read if you’re looking into using red in your space.

My personal preference when choosing color is to stick with a few main colors not more than that unless your main purpose is to make the room more fun with lots of colors. The reason I only choose 2-3 colors is because I don’t want to get overwhelmed when using the space.

I used Pink, Blue and Gold as my main colors for my Vanity corner. I have to be honest with you that I actually picked the colors of this area after I decided what posters I wanted to hang on the wall. These two posters from Desenio are the two that helped me decide what colors I should go with.

Pink Blue Neon Posters Wall Decor

NEON LETTERS (50X70)  | SHHH (30X40)

Let’s talk about the meaning of colors I picked for a little bit. Blue is actually a perfect color for my vanity because it’s associated with confidence. Pink is another good one because it’s associated with feminine, youthful, fun and charming. They are a perfect combination for my vanity corner where I can make sure I look good and feel good about myself. I also chose Gold because it’s an uplifting color that represents glamour and sophistication.

Quick tip:  Scrolling through DESENIO Gallery Wall Inspiration page, will help you choose the right color and theme for your soon to be loveliest space of your home.


Tip 3: Décor It Right

After you come up with the feels and colors it’s now time for you to pick the right furniture and decoration pieces. Despite getting ideas of what type of furniture I want from looking at pictures from Pinterest, one of my go to source to pick the right and affordable furniture is to search on Google. It’s no secret here on where to find the cheapest but yet high quality. But I found that Target has a lot of pretty furniture with affordable prices.

Quick tip:  Don’t sacrifice the look and quality of products because you find a cheaper alternative of it. You might end up being disappointed and have to purchase the original item which means you have to spend more money. Just make sure you’re a hundred percent in love with the item before you purchase it.

Vanity-Room-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

Talking about wall arts like posters, I found Desenio is the best place to shop posters. Their posters are printed on uncoated, thick paper with a matte, high-quality finish. At Desenio, you’ll find a wide selection of posters and mounting solutions, such as poster hangers and clips – often inspired by Scandinavian style.

Vanity-room-decor-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

SERENE (30X40CM) | SHHH (30X40)

Some of you might think it’s better to buy a downloadable art and print it yourself. I myself did that before and it came out to be more expensive that way. Sometimes the store doesn’t even accept your products as of the copy right issue. So, if you’re looking to purchase high quality arts that can save you time and money, make sure you check them out.


Don’t forget to use
for 25% off posters* between 3rd – 5th April.
*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames”.


Tip 4: Bring on Your Personality

Last but not least, are there any parts or personalities of yours, you want to bring into the space?

Each space in my home reflects my personality, for example, this vanity corner, you can kind of see the emotional, playful, sassy and conservative parts all at once. I want to make this space a useable and functional space and also want it to represent who I am and what I like as well.

Quick tip: Picking the right posters can help express your feeling and represent who you are.

Vanity-room-decor-neon-light-Vanity-room-decor-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

Customize Neon Sign

Vanity-room-makeup-fla-tlay-quote-Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download




makeup-vanity-get the look Modern Eclectic Vanity with Desenio | Free Phone and Desktop wallpapers download

Get the look


SHHH (30X40)


Faux Fig tree


Gleaming Primrose Mirror

Campaign Desk

Round Wire Basket


Lips Neon Sign

Glass Chevrons Set


Toucan Merkury Innovations Neon Wall Signs

Faux Fur Stool

Rainbow Neon Wall Signs

Gold Planter



That’s it for today. If you’re putting together or redecorating your home, feel free to apply a few of my tips, right Feeling, right Colors, right Decoration, and let your Personality shine.  Because at the end of the day, you just have to choose the items that reflect who you are and the lifestyle you’re in. There is no right or wrong. You just have to play around with it until you feel comfortable and feel good when you’re using your space. It’s your home, just have fun!

Thank you for stopping by All About Good Vibes today. Hope to see you again soon.

P.S. I’m now going to have free phone and desktop wallpapers for you to download at the end of my post starting today. Feel free to use it and share it with your friends. Enjoy!







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