This post is in collaboration with AVYA Skincare but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

I grew up using raw herbs and spices in my DIY home spa face mask and body scrub since forever (or since  I was about 10 years old to be exact). Growing up in Thailand and learning a lot about the benefits of herbs and spices in Thai culinary, it’s no doubt that I always pick natural ingredients over chemicals when it comes to choosing my skincare products.

I have to say that I learned all the beauty secrets from my ancestries. I’m not sure you have heard of this before or not but  Thai people have always incorporated natural, botanical ingredients in their skincare routine. It started in the Royalty and rich families long ago. The way they would do it was to bath and scrub themselves (actually maids would do that for them) with turmeric powder, tamarind (use both juice and skin), or just use a loofah to scrub themselves.

I have my own scrub recipe that I’ve been using since I was little. I would mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder, tamarind juice and a little bit of honey to use for facial mask and body scrub. To help soften and even skin tones. But to be honest with you, I don’t have time to make my own mask and scrub anymore since I’m busy running around with my little girl. But I’m thinking about getting back to my routine again.

Talking about botanical ingredients, over a week ago, I got introduced to a luxury skincare line called AVYA. They are a luxury beauty brand that focuses on melanin and wrinkle reduction. I don’t think you can find brands that focus on these two important areas. Most brands out there are only focus on one concern, like wrinkles.


I was so happy to know that this brand exists. AVYA coupled ancient botanicals used for generations with thoughtful skincare technology designed to enhance the radiance we were all born with, aka for every women all skin tones.

I had a chance to try two of AVYA products, which were “Eye Bright Cream (with caffeine)” and “Anti- Aging Power Serum (with vitamin C)” for 7 days now. So I wanted to share my results with you today.



Before we get into my thoughts, I wanted to talk about the main ingredients of these two products first. Lets take a wild guess! Well, I had mentioned about Turmeric earlier, so of course one of the ingredients has to be my favorite, Turmeric. They are featuring their exclusive peony, Turmeric and Neem complex into their products. These ancient antioxidants contain numerous anti-inflammatory properties that boost radiance and control pores.



They have sourced a colorless, odorless, bioactive substance of turmeric – Curcumin, that fights inflammation at the molecular level, stimulates the body’s own antioxidant enzymes and protects the skin against free radicals and oxidative environmental stress.



Neem is an ancient botanical anti-oxidant also having anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties to prevent acne and protect the skin. It’s astringent action serves to exfoliate & decrease pore size, with a high content of Vitamin E to soothe irritation.





The Peony has been used for thousands of years for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin. It’s a remarkably effective complexion stabilizer to brighten the skin.

All of this information can be found by going to AVYASKINCARE.COM. If you want to learn more about other products and other ingredients, you can visit their website.

Alright, now let get into my review!




I use this eye cream twice daily and I only need a small tiny drop (pump) to apply onto my eyelids and underneath my eyes. After a week of using it, I can already see the difference. My fine lines appear to be more shallow and my skin feels softer and looks brighter.

It hasn’t reduced the puffiness yet, cause it’s only been a week and with my lack of sleep behavior, this doesn’t help the concern neither. But I’m sure if I adjust my sleeping schedule and continue using this eye cream, I know I will see the great results right away. Why I said that is because one of the key ingredients in this cream is Topical Caffeine. It provides instant reduction of puffiness by constricting blood vessels and long term removal of dark circles by reducing leaky vessels seeping blood cells into the soft tissues.

Overall, I am satisfied with this eye cream and highly recommend it for you to try.


Moving on to the second product, the “ANTI-AGING POWER SERUM (WITH VITAMIN C)”.

I use this serum twice daily as well, along with my other skincare products. I have to say that I LOVE this serum so much! Only a week of using it, I can see my skin is getting tighter, my pores are smaller and pretty much invisible. This serum has also helped with my skin discoloration concern.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t broken out once since I started using this serum. My skin is so smooth, hydrated and radiant.


You can see my before and after pictures below. No filters, no Photoshop, no primer and no concealer!

I have a lot of acne scars on my chin. I can never get rid of them. They keep coming back every time when I stress or when I’m about to have my cycle. You can also see on my cheeks, I had scars from laser treatments, trying to get rid of my sunspots. I thought they would go away by now. But NO, a year later the laser scars are still there.

By using these two products together for a week now, I can see the improvement of all my concern areas. I will definitely continue using these products and might get more from this line. They are just too good to pass.

AVYA Beauty Review-Luxury Anti-Aging Skincare Line For Every Women, All Skin Tones-Allaboutgoovibes.com-IG-@Thevibescloset-Before-After 7 Days

“Before & After Using AVYA Products for 7 days”

If you’re looking to try something new that works!, or looking for something that will help improve your aging skin and skin discoloration, don’t hesitate to check out AVYA. You can visit their website; www.avyaskincare.com fore more details.

Lastly, I want to remind you to always protect your skin from Sun Rays by using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses everyday. Because there won’t be any product that will work 100% for your concerns if you are neglecting to take care of your own skin.

Thank you for stopping by AllAboutGoodVibes.com today. I will see you again next time.


Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.” – Renée Rouleau.






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