Introducing you to the new series on All About Good Vibes, “Influencer Tips Tuesday”– an ongoing lesson that releases every Tuesdays for new and upcoming influencers to become a mindful and successful creator from day one.

Read on for the first lesson: Define Your Path.


*Disclaimer: All statements in this post are from my personal experiences and perspective. There is no right or wrong way to becoming a successful influencer as success is defined differently for each person. I share my knowledge with those who believe in becoming a successful and mindful influencer—those who don’t mind working hard to achieve their dreams.

You feel like you want to become an influencer, but you are afraid of failing, so you say your Instagram account is “Just For Fun.”

If this is you, how can brands take you seriously?

When you think your Instagram account is only for fun, you will not have a plan and strategy to work on your account. Or if you have one, it’s not going to be a serious one. Because in the back of your mind, you said it yourself “Just for Fun.”


If you treat your Instagram for fun, you will not have a system to strive for success.

I want to be clear that I’m not saying that you won’t be successful. You will be one day, but you will not become successful sooner than you are supposed to be.

If you are willing to wait, it is okay for me. But is it okay for you?

Take Action

Today’s homework is to decide what you want to do. Are you going to take it seriously or just for fun? Are you looking to get free products, or are you looking to get paid (with free products, of course, it’s a norm.)?

Write everything down. Make a plan and start implementing it.

If you have” Just For Fun” somewhere in your IG profile, delete it immediately.

Remember, you are not doing it just for fun.


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Where do you see yourself as an influencer one year from now?

Next week, I will teach you how to make your Instagram account look professional at first glance.

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Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope you find this post helpful.

See you next Tuesday for more tips!


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