If you’re in for better health and wellness this year, this post will go over tips and activities that can help you keep your mind, body, and soul in tune all your round.

Keep on reading to find out what are the 10 Tips and 50 Activities.



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When the New Year arrived, most people think about the “New Year New You” slogan. But isn’t it better to still be the only you no matter what day of the year it is?


If you want to treat yourself a little better, adopting a healthier lifestyle every single day without it having to be the beginning of a new year is also one of the choices you should consider too.


As I am a true believer in doing the best, you can take every day and shouldn’t overthink your future that much. Instead, it would be best if you lived in the moment.

But I would be lying to you if I said that the New Year doesn’t affect how I came up with this blog post on how to stay healthy and happy both mind, body, and soul all year round.

One of the benefits of the new year is that you can treat it as a new beginning if you want. Many of us want to start new projects and set new goals. Some might want to improve their health, and some might want to take care of themselves even more.


If you are in for better health and wellness this year, this post will go over tips and activities that can help you keep your mind, body, and soul in tune all your round.

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”

– Walt Whitman

Now, if you are ready, let’s dive right in.

10 Tips on How to Stay Healthy Both Mind and Body
All Year-Round



Stay Active 


Staying active is an excellent way of having a healthy body while at the same time, a healthy mind.

Being regularly physically active not only helps your body burn calories and provides many more benefits for the body, but it will also help with your mood aspect. As, physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious.- Mayo Clinic.

Staying active as much as you possibly can, which will help you become healthier and happier, both mind and body.


Eat Healthily

Food plays an essential role in our body, mind, and soul. Good food will mostly make us happy. Its shown to make us healthier and staying healthy. A few good foods you should think about eating a little more of are Avocados, Berries, and Beets.


They have an essential amino acid, “Tryptophan” which used by the brain to produce serotonin— the feel-good central nervous system neurotransmitter.


Berries help reduce depression and stress because of its nutrients “Anthocyanidins” and “Anthocyanins.”


Beets have folic acid in them, which stabilizes emotional and mental health, which can help improve your chances of happiness when you eat it.


If you want to see how you can start eating healthy, I talked about 15 scientifically proven healthy eating tips and habits that you can start incorporating in your day. You can check it out on this blog post.


Get Outside

Sitting around or working inside all day won’t give you enough health benefits unless you take a day to stay inside to recharge your mind and body.


Going outside to connect with nature will make you feel alive, less stressed, and can help you recover from illnesses.


Another way of getting outside is by going on a trip. You can experience different cultures, cities and learn new life-long experience. Traveling can also help you to reduce your stress level from work and your everyday routine.


Most of the time, we will appreciate our home more than we used to after taking a trip.





Take It Easy


The easiest thing to do to keep your body, mind, and soul in balance is to take it easy. If your days are too busy, take a break and only get essential things done today. Move the rest for tomorrow or the next day.


Give yourself a break from all the pressure you have. It can help to lower your blood pressure, free your mind, and you might have a better night’s sleep.


Live In The Moment

A lot of people always think about their future and start to freak themselves out.


If you read this post, you should stop doing that and start living the moment.


Focusing on the present will make you feel more clear, happy, and successful in what you do. The truth is that you only have now, so you better make it count, am I right?





Practice Meditation

Meditating only 15 minutes a day can have a significant impact on your health to stay healthier. According to Healthline, practicing meditation often not only contributes to reduced stress levels but may also reduce age-related memory loss.


By giving yourself some time to relax and not think about anything, you can clear your mind from any negativity and let your body heal itself for both a stronger mindset and stronger well-being.



Know What is Most Important in Life

By knowing what’s most important in life, you are allowing yourself to focus on the right things. By caring only for what’s important to you, your life will start to feel more fulfilling and satisfying.


Paying off debt, visiting family, having kids, or earning a degree are all significant milestones, but know what’s most important to you will make the journey much more rewarding.





It is Good to Give.


Giving can be an excellent way of staying healthy. Research done by Berkeley University found that “giving to others has been shown to increase health benefits in people with chronic illness, including HIV and multiple sclerosis.”


Isn’t that amazing! By giving items you don’t use anymore or donating funds to a good cause might make you healthier.



Practice Personal Development

Personal development is what makes all of us stronger and healthier. By self-evaluating, you are practicing a positive habit of always being better.


This way of staying healthy is unique because you are seeing what you are doing well and what you could do better.

Don’t over critique and make sure to reward yourself for milestones that you have reached.

Never Give Up 


In an article posted on Huffpost, “anything worthwhile requires persistence.”


Persevering through life’s challenges is not only such a rewarding feeling but a great way to stay healthy.


If you are faced with tough challenges and want to give up, remember there is a solution to be found, but giving up will never work. Always focus on what it is you are doing and the reason for it.


Knowing your purpose makes it much easier to overcome challenges in strength your physical, mental, and spiritual health.



50 Activities for A Healthy Mind & Body

  1. Practice breathing techniques
  2. Listen to music
  3. List what makes you happy
  4. Visualization
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Dance
  7. Sing
  8. Get a massage
  9. Practice gratitude
  10. Spend time outdoors
11. Meditate

12. Read a new book

13. Try yoga

14. Drink enough water

15. Get enough sleep

16. Eat healthy meals

17. Help others

18. Draw

19. Have a coffee with friends

20. Avoid negative thoughts

21. Exercise often

22. Choose good carbs

23. Practice muscle relaxation exercises

24. Have yourself a spa day

25. Sharpen your brain with math problems

26. Learn a new language

27. Try new food

28. Travel

29. Paint

30. Cook with family

31. Surround yourself with positive people

32. Get off social media

33. Smile often

34. Declutter your space

35. Count your blessings

36. Drink herbal tea

37. Stop gossiping

38. Watch travel shows

39. Go to bed early

40. Be kind to others

41. Wake up early

42. Exercise in the morning

43. Stop complaining

44. Try new sports

45. Respect yourself

46. Watch the sunset

47. Gift yourself

48. Get off the Internet and have time off for yourself

49. Be kind to yourself

50. Star gazing

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