If you are looking to develop a better bedtime routine to help you fall asleep easier, I will walk you through how to go about that in today’s post.

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There’s a time when you don’t know why you can’t get a good night’s rest. You blame it on stress. Your daily mood seems to be unpleasant on the day you don’t get a good enough rest. I experienced quite often when I did some activities that would block me from going to bed. For example, drinking too much caffeine during the day, feeling stressed and anxious about certain things, overthinking, and couldn’t get comfortable with my mattress and pillow.

Different factors come to play with people who have a hard time falling asleep. You have to notice what the causes are that make you have a sleeping issue. To help you get started with a better sleep routine, below are things you should be doing.

Tips to Get A Well-Rested and Better Sleep

ONE: If you are a caffeine drinker, make sure you don’t drink caffeine at night.

Overloading on caffeine during the day and a few hours before bed may prevent you from sleeping as caffeine blocks the adenosine receptor. This sleep-promoting chemical is produced in the brain during our waking hours. When caffeine blocks this process, we remain alert and vigilant. Caffeine notably reduces the time of slow-wave sleep, which is the stage of deep, restful sleep that leaves us feeling refreshed and alert in the morning. If you want to drink the caffeinated drink, you still can. But you shouldn’t be drinking any less than six hours before your bedtime. (source

TWO:  Make sure your room is clutter-free and peaceful.

Clutter-free and clean rooms are always the best way to get a good night’s rest. Think about it, when you go to a hotel, that clean, open, and free space just makes you want to relax. So why not try the same at home? Take anything out of the bedroom that doesn’t belong and only keep things that promotes a relaxing environment. Adding lavender essential oils to your diffuser makes the room more relaxing and promotes calming sleep. This simple step will get you feeling more relaxed and peaceful when it’s time to call it a day. It helps fight the common cold. 



THREE:  Do not look at bright screens before bedtime.

Research has shown that the blue lights on your smartphone, laptop, and TVs trick your brain into staying awake. Your brain will have difficulty adjusting from looking at your phone screen and being in an awake mode to trying to close your eyes for bedtime. The best thing to do is to have a set time when you will no longer look at screens before bed. Give yourself an hour or so to wind down and not look at your phone. 


FOUR:  Don’t eat right  before going to bed. 

We all have those cravings before bed as it has been some time since you had dinner and are getting ready for bed. Eating right before sleep will make you more restless and find it harder to fall asleep. This is because your metabolism has to breakdown the food you just ate. Not only that, that the created heat from breaking down your dinner makes in more uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Best practice, don’t eat anything for at least 2 hours before bedtime. This gives your body ample time to break down your food and calm down.



FIVE: Calm your mind with yoga, meditation, or relaxation music.  

If you ever find yourself not being able to sleep, it might be caused by a busy mind. The best way to combat this is by doing some light activities like yoga or meditation. By clearing your mind from a busy day allows your body to relax and get in the mode of sleep. Listing to relaxing music is also a good idea, just nothing fast-paced or loud.


SIX: Make yourself a sleeping and waking up schedule.  

Having a routine sleep schedule will help train your brain and body to fall asleep and wake up at specific times. This is a simple and easy step you can take to help make your sleeping habits more pleasant. You can start by creating a good night time routine and stick with it to see your sleeping patterns and progress. Adjust it as you go along to make your sleep better.


SEVEN:Pay attention to your mattress, bedsheets, and pillows. 


It goes without saying that a relaxing sleep must include a proper setup. Invest in a high-quality mattress, soft bed sheets, and a comfortable pillow.

Purple gave me a chance to try out there new patented purple grid technology in- the Harmony Pillow. This is the world’s first and only pillow with Purple Grid™ Hex, which instantly adapts to your head and neck for total support. 


The Purple Grid™ Hex is specially formulated and engineered for head and neck support with the soft hexagon-shaped air channels that optimize the dynamic response and airflow for maximum comfort. 


360º Purple Grid™ Hex instantly adapts for total no Pressure® Support. 1,500+ open-air channels let air flow freely, so you’re always on the cool side of the pillow. Moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh cover complements the cool, soft support of the pillow.


Once I laid on it for some time, I could feel the pillow staying cool without absorbing my body heat. I usually would sweat during the night when sleeping on my regular pillow, but I am very impressed that I felt cool and comfortable all night with this one. When I woke up in the morning, my neck and shoulders felt great-which is a plus. It was very nice to finally find a super comfy pillow that keeps me sleep tight all night long. 


My daughter and husband love this pillow too. I will have to get a few more for all of us. 🙂 


The downside of this pillow is the high price point of $159. However, I have to say it’s a good investment to help you get a deeper and better sleep. 


If you are interested in giving it a try, you can try the Purple® Harmony Pillow for up to 100 nights. If you don’t love it, return it for a full refund. Your Purple® Harmony Pillow is guaranteed to last and is protected by a 1-year limited warranty.


You can receive a 10% discount if you are Military members, Healthcare and Frontline workers, and Educators and students.


As you know, when it’s time to sleep, your bed should be the most comfortable and relaxing place to be in your home. You can learn more about PURPLE and their other products HERE.

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I hope you find helpful tips from this “How to get a well-rested and better sleep” post. Remember, you may need to develop a good habit, keep your bedroom environment clean and calm, take a break from overthinking, and find the right bed accessories that could potentially make you sleep comfortably. 

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