Since March 8th, is an International Women’s Day, I wanted to make this post all about this special event. If you are looking to celebrate this year with your family, friends, and colleagues, I have listed 50 ideas you can do in this post.

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This post has been sponsored by adidas. All opinions are my own.

Coming back from my month-long vacation last month from visiting my family in Thailand was so refreshing. I had a lot of time to relax, spent much-needed break from work, and got a chance to spend some quality time with my family, who I hadn’t seen for a few years. 


I have to admit that being far away from family and friends and having to face a long-distance relationship is tough, but I also think that it is also rewarding when you meet your loved ones again. It makes you realize how important they are and how much you love and appreciate them even more. 


Since March 8th, is an International Women’s Day, I wanted to make this post all about this special event. As much as I love reading stories of other inspiring women around the world but the one woman who I admire the most is my mother. 

I grew up with a single mother family where my mother had to do everything she could to support herself and her three children, including myself, my younger brother, and my younger sister. It wasn’t a smooth ride growing up, but I am so proud of the hard work my mother did for all of us, and I am so proud of the persons my brother, sister, and I have become.  


When I was little, I always wished that if I can have half of my mother’s strengths, I would be super successful in life. My mother is such a strong woman, who is very kind to others but also very tough when it comes to hard work and supporting her family. She never had a day off for almost 30 years. She would work every single day even before sunrise until night. Even the toughest day in her life, she was able to be positive to move on with faith. She never once gave up on our family. 


My sister is also the best. She is the cutest little girl who I have ever known, and she is always there when I needed her. I love her so much since the day I knew she was in my mother’s womb. I am so proud of her as she has grown to be a beautiful person, has a beautiful heart and soul, and never gives up in her dream just like our mother.   

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of my family. So, when I have a chance, I always buy everyone gifts, take them on vacation and help them as much as I can with whatever they need, and I can provide. 

This year I decided to celebrate International Women’s Day early with my mother and sister as I am returning to the US before the event. 


What we did was we escaped the Bangkok heat and went on a road trip to spend a few days in a resort in the west of Thailand. It was such a fun time where we connected with one another, connect with nature, and also helped support the local businesses around there.


We had a fabulous time celebrating our family. I also got everyone adidas outfits and was able to capture the memories to share with you on the blog today.

Also, I am very grateful to be a part of the adidas family. Not only are they a great brand, but also they support girls and women of backgrounds. 


She Breaks Barriers is adidas’ commitment to removing the barriers standing between girls and sport since 2018. They aim to celebrate all women- those that inspire, empower, and break barriers. 


Research shows that only 4% of sports media coverage in the U.S. is dedicated to women’s sport – adidas is tackling this problem head-on by pursuing equality and representation in the media.


You can learn more and be a part of the She Breaks Barrier movement by visiting https://www.adidas.com/us/shebreaksbarriers.

If you are looking to celebrate International Women’s Day this year with your family, friends, and colleagues, I have listed 50 ideas you can do below. I hope the below ideas will help you to celebrate this special day with your loved ones.


50 Ideas to Celebrate
International Women’s Day

  1. Write your girls a card
  2. Go get some ice-cream
  3. Talk over coffee
  4. Watch your favorite movies
  5. Host a fun dinner
  6. Home cooking
  7. Go for a hike
  8. Workout together
  9. Take a road trip
  10. Get a spa treatment
  11. Plan your next trip together
  12. Make them custom jewelry pieces
  13. Get a haircut together
  14. Get your nails done
  15. Video call
  16. Send them flowers
  17. Surprise them in person
  18. Give them a scrapbook
  19. Host a book party
  20. Support your local women’s own business
  21. Attend an event
  22. Wear Red
  23. Be a part of women’s empowerment movement
  24. Donate to a cause
  25. Wear women’s empowerment slogan tee
  26. Say thank you to women who you admire
  27. Help raise money
  28. Start an organization to support girls in need
  29. Spread awareness via social media
  30. Start a group text or email to your girls
  31. Join a walk or run
  32. Support women-owned businesses
  33. Learn more about International Women’s Day
  34. Celebrate your girlfriends’ achievement
  35. Learn about other inspiring women stories
  36. Organize International Women’s Day Lunch at work
  37. Don’t talk bad about other women
  38. Wear red lipstick
  39. Gift your girlfriends, red lipstick
  40. Leave a thank you note
  41. Do a social media shout out to women who inspire you
  42. Learn about other cultures
  43. Try new things with your girlfriends
  44. Take a group class
  45. Arrange flowers together
  46. Fun painting date
  47. Get a group photoshoot
  48. Have a slumber party
  49. Visit a museum
  50. Treat yourself!
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I hope you find this post helpful and get you to celebrate International Women’s Day with love and joy. Be sure to share your stories in the comments if you celebrate it.

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