Questioning yourself again and again “what should I wear for my date tomorrow?” Complaining “I don’t have any clothes!” Not just you girlfriends, me too! This is a typical pretty girl problems!

I remember when I went on a first date with my boyfriend, who’s now my lovely husband, I tried on many outfits the night before. I mean, at least 5 outfits and still I couldn’t find the right one. The reason for that is because you want to look beautiful, even though your date always says you’re so beautiful but you know what, I just want to be a little bit more gorgeous than usual. Is that ok? 

Today, I’m going to share with you from my dating experience “The basic rules for picking the right dating outfit every girl should know.”

1. Something comfy

You never know how long your date will last for, so wearing something comfortable is a must. If you go for a dinner then a movie afterwards, you don’t want to be stuck in that outfit for hours and hours. Not only dose it make you uncomfortable, it will ruin your personality too. Instead of focusing on your cutie, you have to worry about your outfit and how it will feel throughout the date.

2. Remember fit and flatter

Just because you see one of your friends wearing a tiny little black dress and look so amazing, doesn’t mean you have to go get the same dress and wear it for your first date (or any dates). You want to put on something that will fit you perfectly and also flatter your body too. Be true to yourself, if you don’t look 110% good in it then forget about it. Try the next one! A little tip here, choose the dress that is similar to the one you were wearing before and everyone said WOWs!

3. Choosing the right colors

Depending on where you are going and what time of the day, picking the right color can draw a lot more attention to you. It can represent who you are, and how you really feel. Remember that saying “first impression”, people can sense your emotions from the colors of your cloth too.

Wearing bright normally means you are a happy and a playful person. Darker colors mean you are strong, outgoing, and of course very sexy too but sometimes it can mean that you are sad. So be careful about what color you are choosing. For me I always go for bright colors for daytime and dark colors for night. 

4. Get ready for the weather  

The best thing to do is to check the weather ahead of time but who’s going to do that, not me! I am pretty sure at least you know what season you are in, just dress for the weather, ladies. You don’t want your date to take off his jacket to help cover you up because you’re too cold. Yes, you are cold because you are wearing your pretty satin dress and forget to bring your jacket along with you.

You don’t want to feel bad for your freezing cold cutie either, so pick the right outfit gorgeous, so you both can enjoy each other on your special day.

5. Pay attention to undergarments  

Unless you don’t wear one, so you don’t need to worry about it!  Right color, right style, and right fabric will add one layer of comfy and another layer of beauty on you.

If you’re planning on wearing a white dress, wear it with white or skin color undies. You don’t want your secret lover to steal your scene or to say hello before you say it. Not only is it inappropriate, it shows your sense of style too. Dress classy, stay classy and have a wonderful time, lovebirds. 

I think I got you covered for these pretty girl problems. Let me know what your rules are on picking the right dating outfits. I bet you have a ton.


One kind word can change someone’s day.” – Anonymous 



Outfit details:


FRS Red Plaid Tank Mini Zip Dress

FRS White Embroider Lace Mini Dress

FRS Lightning Bolt Print Exposed Midriff Dress

FRS Pink Striped Mini Dress

FRS Mid Wash Asymmetric Denim Dress

 Black Dress with Shoulder cut-out

Dress in geometrical floral print with peplum hem

Jacquard dress with contrast detail

 A-line organza dress in geometrical

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