Each of us has our own and unique personal growth process, and no one is growing faster than the other.

The primary keys I see in my personal growth are from dealing with unexpected changes and a few more keys. I will go through each key and share with you how I develop my growth from it.

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Before we get into today’s post, I want to mention that this post comes from my perspective and is not from a personal growth theory you can find from a textbook.

Each of us has our own and unique personal growth process, and no one is growing faster than the other. There should not be any comparison when it comes to personal growth at all. Our life is developing and involves different environments and circumstances, and we will expand our personal growth uniquely. Also, there is no age limit for personal growth as well. As the world is changing all the time, it can challenge you to awaken your growth.

The primary keys I see in my personal growth are from dealing with unexpected changes. Learning new lessons (from talking to other people, reading new books, or getting inspired by things around me), experiencing new situations, setting goals, and practicing self-acceptance are the most important ones.

I will go through each key and share with you how I develop my growth from it.

five keys to measuring your


dealing with unexpected changes

This is the most common situation that can take you to the next level of your personal growth. Because when you experience an unforeseen event, your emotions will be on a roller coaster ride, which might make you feel uncomfortable. You will need to try ways to deal with that particular situation. This leads to growth.

One of the unexpected changes that I have been dealing with lately was my income stream from being a content creator during COVID 19. Instead of stressing over it, I came up with new ideas to generate income and connected with my audience differently. Instead of promoting brands/ products, I shared more of my honest reviews. Coming up with a new series #InfluencerTipsTuesday to share knowledge about social media. I also have more time to finish up my clean skincare brand, From Plants Beauty.

You can see here that one unexpected change can affect you in so many ways, but you can overcome it and develop your personal growth in many areas of life.



learning new lessons 


Learning new lessons or skills is another measurable indicator when looking into personal growth. You can learn new things from talking to other people, reading new books, or getting inspired by things around you.

Learning is an important key to strive for the next level of your personal growth goal as it can direct you to better you in so many ways.

I tend to learn new things or adopt some new beliefs when I find good books that were recommended by someone I trusted. I also learn from people’s past experiences, and their stories, ups, and downs, before they became successful in their areas of expertise.

After learning new skills, I adapted to my personal liking and daily living environment. To ensure that I can implement what I learned to better my life in general.


setting goals


While setting goals might sound too simple, it does help you achieve and develop personal fulfillment growth. Repeatedly setting goals will get you on the right path of making things happen in life. Either it is a personal matter or a business-related matter, it is a healthy routine to have.

I found myself getting things done easier when setting goals. I also feel delighted when achieving the goals I have set. If you are trying to achieve or develop any areas of your personal growth, you should write down the steps it takes, or write down your goals as a guide and reminder.

My latest experience with goal settings that was fulling my personal growth was launching my brand, From Plants Beauty. For serval years, I put it aside before I finally had goals written down and plans in place. Without setting goals and writing down plans, I won’t have been able to make my business come true. Thanks to goal-setting, I was able to achieve launching my clean skincare brand and fulling one part of my personal growth.


experiencing new situations 

New situations mostly come with challenges. If you can accept, adapt, and overcome those challenges and obstacles, that right there is called personal growth.

I posted on my Instagram yesterday that when dealing with obstacles in life, you should remember that:⠀

1) every problem has a solution.⠀
2) there will always be sunshine after the storm.⠀
3) it won’t last forever.⠀
4) your life depends on you, so take care of yourself first.⠀
5) to not be afraid of asking for help.

One of my personal growth in experiencing new situations was when I had to travel to the US for the first time, being on a plane for the first time in my life and by myself. I had to learn a new culture, langue, and way of living even though it was only a short three months of summer working at Universal Studios in Florida. I cried a lot as I was homesick and wanted to go back to Thailand. In the end, I ended up staying a week longer than I thought, as I enjoyed working and loving the new adventure.

Those experiences then taught me so much. After the work and travel program ended, I strived for more success and was able to revisit the US as an MBA intern student for a year.

I wanted to achieve my English speaking skills, which I can proudly say I met that. Now, over a decade later, I am a US citizen and now living with my loving husband and two daughters.

Almost forget to mention that I am communicating with you through my blog in English! That’s a significant accomplishment for me.


practicing self-acceptance

One of the biggest problems we are all facing in any stage of life is accepting who we are as a person. We all tend to be harsh on ourselves, even when we have accomplished many things in life already.

If you don’t practice self-love or self-acceptance, we won’t be able to develop our personal growth as quickly as we would, as it is a great key to identify the areas that we need to improve.

My latest self-love practice was accepting my post-pregnancy body and striving to make it better and healthier on my own path. I was able to complete an eight-week workout program, where I worked out as planned every day for eight weeks.

As I mentioned earlier, to be able to grow within you, you have to accept who you are and be able to clearly identify the part of you that needs more attention and implement that along the way until you reach your growth.

One last note to take into consideration when measuring your growth is comparison. If you want to compare with someone (even you know it is not good to compare), you should only look at people who are in a lower position than you, not those who already have it all.

It is an excellent way to remind yourself that you are doing fantastic, and you should keep on going to become like someone you aspire to be.

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I hope these five simple keys will help you measure your personal growth and guide you in the right direction. There are more ways to measure and grow; any other means you find helpful, I hope that you find the ones that will help you become fulfilled and accomplished in life during any stage you are in.

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