To be able to see how your progress goes after your fitness challenge ends, you should keep track by measuring your body and taking before pictures! Don’t be afraid to do this step because you will be disappointed later. I recommend you do it one day before the challenge so you don’t have to worry about it on the day of. Then do it again the day before the starting of the next week, repeat until the end of your challenge. If you don’t like doing it every week and afraid your results will let you down, every other weeks is ok too.   

I have the tracking sheet for you to download so you can have everything organized in one page.

How to measure?

Use this illustrator below to guide you through the measuring session.


Here’s my week 1 – 4 progress example from the last challenge I joined

Download your Free
Fitness Progress Tracking Sheet Here

Here’s my Before – After pictures after completed TIU Bikini Series Challenge 2016 First Round 


Don’t forget to take yours so you can have some proof that shows “you can do it!” too! 

I hope this help! Take lots of pictures so you can pick the best one you like!

Don’t forget to share your Before Picture with us by tagging me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter @thevibescloset with the hashtag #allaboutgoodvibeschallenge

Have a wonderful day!


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