Hello there my loves!

It’s day five into our series and forty- nine more  days to go until Christmas! I’m enjoying the cooler weather that has just arrived these last couple of days. Sunny day in Arizona with a cool Breeze, what perfect weather! All you need is a cup of hot chocolate and some Christmas songs! 

This year, I am more excited than ever because my baby, my husband and I now have a new whole experience decorating our own Christmas tree in our new home!

Talking about a sunny day, what’s the weather like in your country or town? Are you in need of sunglasses? I remember when I was in Thailand I only wore sunglasses when driving! Sometimes when I wanted to get a cool selfie I would wear them too. But now living in Arizona, its sunny all year round, my eyes hurt, and I can’t live without them.

And because I found sunglasses to be very important for your eyes’ health, today I want to talk a bit about the benefits of this fashionable accessory piece.

Here’s a few benefits I want to share with you. 

            ⁃          Protects your eyes from Ultraviolet (UV) light.

            ⁃          Helps prevent severe eyes conditions such as Cataracts (the progressive clouding of the lens of the eye) and Cancer of the eye, eyelid, or nearby skin.

            ⁃          Prevents your eyes from getting light sensitivity, blurriness and vision loss.

            ⁃          You look great wearing sunglasses, right?

Because sunglasses have a lot of benefits and you shouldn’t forget to wear them, I think it’s a great idea to give them as a present or get a new pair for yourself once in a while. I know where you can get a good quality pair of eyeglasses online  with reasonable prices. I’m going to tell you now.

Last summer I got a chance to try out sunglasses from GlassesShop.com, if you haven’t had a chance to read that blog, you can read it here.

GlassesShop.com is an online shop, selling glasses and sunglasses for both normal eyesight and for someone who needs the prescription pairs. They always come out with some good deals, like buy one get one free.

You have to watch out for their new promotions, the easiest way I recommend you to do is to sign up for their newsletter. This way you won’t miss any good deals.

My mother in law had ordered one pair of the prescription sunglasses from them. She loves the quality and services they provided. The price is a lot cheaper than when you’re going to purchase one from your eye doctor. There are plenty of designs for you to choose from. All you need is your eyesight information and you’re good to go.

The process of ordering them is very easy too, few steps to take and your glasses will be ready for you in a couple weeks.

You can learn more about them here.

Now hear me out why you should give a cute pair of sunglasses out this year. 

            ⁃          It’s a good habit to always wear sunglasses, you shouldn’t keep it a secret. I recommend you educate your friends and your loved ones.

            ⁃          You have a sense of style wearing them.

            ⁃          Like I mentioned above they help prevent you from severe eye conditions

            ⁃          The person who receives your gift will appreciate that you care about them.

Who should you give this gift to?

            ⁃          Guy or girl friends

            ⁃          Someone who needs a cool looking pair of prescription sunglasses (make sure you get all their eyesight information before you order them!)

            ⁃          Someone who’s always wearing sunglasses everywhere they go.

            ⁃          Someone who’s planning their trip to the beach.

            ⁃          Someone who loves fashion like you and I.

You can used this code “2016GS” to get 30% of your purchase from GlassesShop.com before December 31st,2016. 

Here’s my mini review on the new pair I got from GlassesShop.com.

Design: Aviator design which is really pretty and sleek. I love the retro look, so this pair is just perfect for me.

Quality: It’s made of lightweight but yet durable plastic.

Price: You will be surprised with the price! It’s only $39.95! and with those crazy promotions you will end up paying like nothing! That’s the beauty of GlassesShop.com.

Overall: I love everything about these sunglasses and I recommend you to buy one for you and one your friend.

Baker Aviator – Black

Photo details: Sunglasses | Bag | Nars


I hope you get some good ideas from my post today!

Enjoy your Saturday Night and see you tomorrow my loves! 

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro


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