I have always had love for home decoration and travel. Every time my husband and I go out for our home shopping, I feel like I am going to visit Disney Land, you can leave me there all day long. I love to see all the beautiful furniture pieces and I love to think about how I should arrange them when we buy them. Home décor makes me feel so happy. It helps bring out my Serotonin aka “happiness hormone”. I can do home shopping and decorating all day long, trust me. Some people might want to go out clubbing on Friday night; I’d rather stay home and relaxing by decorating my own space. 

I’d mentioned that I love traveling, who doesn’t love traveling, right? I got my MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management; this should somehow prove a little bit that I have my heart for the tourism industry. Just to give you a little more detail though, I’m not an explorer kind of tourist; I am a stay at the hotel and getting spa and massage all day long kind of type. A little bit of sightseeing is fine but not the adventure kind that walks and explores all day long. I love to relax and see different cultures. Shopping is also good when going on a trip too.  

These past few years my husband and I really didn’t have a chance to go traveling outside of the country at all. We used to travel abroad once every few months when we were still Fiancé. Due to work and starting our own family, we’ve been pushing our trips away from us. We would only think, plan, and then cancel. We really don’t like doing that, but that’s what was happening. We want to go back and gain more life experience through travelling again. To make our plans come true, I had to put something up in our house so we can see and remember that we need to get back on all those darling trips again. This decorating piece can make a perfect gift for Christmas this year too.

Before we get into what it is and where we can get it from, let’s talk about who should you give this gift to first.

  • This gift is perfect for someone who loves to travel.

  • Someone who needs to keep track of their travel journeys.

  • It can be for both ladies and gentlemen.

  • You can give it to someone who’s dreaming to travel but hasn’t had a chance to get out and explore the world yet.

  • You can give as a gift for someone who just bough a home.

  • You can give to someone who loves something special that you can customize especially for him or her.

  • Someone who loves artwork.

  • Someone who loves interior decoration.

  • Someone who loves good quality products.

  • Someone who’s reading my post right now, you! Get it and give it to yourself, you deserve a special personalized art piece to be inspired by getting out and enjoying the world.   

So the present I’m going to talk about today is a Push Pin Travel Map from 76th and Newbury, a design store where you can order your custom artwork that can be customized with colors, fonts and custom drawn art. Every order is supper unique and has a personality of its own. You tell them what you want and they will work their hearts out to design the perfect art piece for you. 

I love how this shop works. Everything is so organized. Right after you’ve picked and completed your order, you will receive an email with a link to access the art customization form, here you can customize your artwork with the color, font or even put your own wordings into the design.

You will get a chance to work one on one with their designers. Your designer will email you your design proof. If you don’t like it and want to change something, you can go ahead and let your designer know. If you like everything, they will make it for you and you should get your order within a week or two.

The design I’d chosen for my home is a Push Pin World Travels Map Canvas, size 30 x40. This art piece is the best tool to help us keep track our vacations. Not only that, it helps to motivate us to go explore the world and enjoy our lives more. After each trip, we can place a pin on the country we’ve just visited. My husband and I love it so much. It’s a high quality canvas print that has our family name on it. You don’t need to buy any extra frame, which is save time and money. It comes with picture hangers on the back. All you need to do is find the right spot in your home, add a couple nails into your wall, hang your artwork and ENJOY.  They said they helped to make marking our travels easier and we totally agreed with that. 

This year we are in our new home, so we decided to put up our Christmas tree early and yes we put it right next to our new family world travel map. We have only just begun decorating our Christmas tree, a lot more fun to come. Soon we will have family travel pictures to be put up around the map. Wouldn’t you love to have this beautiful special artwork hanging on your wall too? Learn more about 76th and Newbury store and discover your new favorite personalized artwork here


I hope I’ve got you inspired today with a new Christmas gift idea, something that you can gift yourself and/or your loved ones. Don’t forget to start planing your trips today because Darling Adventure Awaits! 

Let me know where would you like to go in the comments below my loves!

I’m thinking about Japan!

Thank you for stopping by! See you again tomorrow! Have a wonderful week! 


Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta


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