Lately I’ve been so obsessed with marble, from laptop case, notebook cover, earrings, phone case, and many more stuff, my lists are still going. Anything to do with marble I’m pretty much in love with them all. It’s something to do with this type of stone that every time I look or feel it, I always feel calm and feel the clean energy rushing through my body. Not only that It also adds some sleekness to the fashion pieces too. I swear it looks so good in the pictures!

Today’s gift has nothing to do with the question I’m about to ask.

Have you ever heard about stone healing energy? 

Marble is a crystalline stone, used in tantric activities and to help with clarity during meditative states. It’s also been used for recalling your dreams. Sounds very interesting, right? It’s thought to help with serenity, mastery and actualization of ones thoughts. It is also used to help in accessing unused portions of the human brain. I think these are the reasons why people are now becoming so obsessed with Marble!

So today I would like to recommend you to give a phone case as a present.
What?? You just talked about Marble! What’s going on here?
All right, all right, the design of the phone case is marble.
Does that make you feel a little bit better?

I found this shop on Etsy.com. The shop name is Clique Boutique. I love their mission “to bring Beauty & Glam to all gadgets”. It sounds like what we all want. Here, you can get a custom made order case for your Apple products (Macbook , iPad and iPhone). Don’t you like when someone specially creates something just for you? I love it because that makes me feel so special. Not only that but all products here they are creating with love and care.

Nowadays most people have at least one cellphone on them, it’s now part of your body and you almost can’t live without it. The price of the cellphone isn’t cheap too, so you need to make sure your phone has some protection so you won’t break it. That’s why you will need to get a nice phone case. But no one really like one without a nice design though, I am one of them. I think phone cases are part of our fashion accessories, you will want to have a stylish one, it’s showing people your sense of style.

At Clique, all products are handmade in the U.S. You’ll have one-year accidental warranty coverage when purchasing the Platinum Edition like my phone case I got. 

Their phone cases are an Otterbox that can protect your phone from damaging. They have many designs for you to choose from.  You can learn more about the store at http://www.clique.boutique or visit their Etsy shop here.

Here’s the one I got, Platinum Edition Black Marble with Rose Gold Veins and Accents Hybrid Hard Case Otterbox Symmetry iPhone.

Let’s talk about who you should give this gift to.

  • Someone who has an Apple iPhone.

  • Both ladies or gentlemen.

  • Someone who loves to drop their phone on the floor and needs some extra protection for their phone.

  • Someone who is very special to you because the price of this cases are on the high side, ($89.99).

  • Someone who tends to buy new cases often. Here, you can update the design whenever you want! You can just send them the case back and they can remove the current design and replace for any other design you like on their shop for $19.99.

Here’s some good news my love, you can use coupon code “Clique10” to get 10% discount for as many times as you like, it won’t expire on you! 

More gifts to come in the next 21 days!

Thank you for the love and support, see you again tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening loves! 

Each day is a page in your fashion story.” – Unknown


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