It’s only day two into the series and I am beyond excited! I discovered a cute store on Etsy and I just can’t stop looking at their products. Today’s gift guide is created just for your girlfriends! What makes this product so special is that you can personalize them. Who would say no to something that was just created for them, right?

Before we get into the details let me briefly talk about the store real quick.

The store name is Mod Party. They provide you with everything party and decorating involved. You can customize your products, make them fit with your theme and purposes. When you place your order, they will get it done and deliver it right to your door. You can learn more about them here.

Now it’s time to talk about the product I’ve picked for you today.

Travelling Coffee Mug! But first coffee! Admit it you’ve been seeing this saying everywhere! 

If you have a friend who is a coffee addict and can’t live without a coffee mug, you have to consider this present this year. It’s time for them to say no to those fanciless cups. You can help save their stylist life back by getting them a personalized gorgeous looking mug for Christmas this year. You know what! Or get one for you too!

Still a little bit unsure, here are the reasons why I recommend this gift!  

  • It’s very special because you can personalize it.

  • You’re a designer. You can choose the style (either Heart or Monogram), foil colors (Gold, Rose Gold or Silver) and pattern (Polka Dots, Skinny Diagonal Stripes, Bold Stripes) How nice is that?

  • It looks very pretty and glamorous with the gold foils.

  • It’s good for coffee head friends who love to go around.

  • Too cheap to be true! ($16.95)

Who should you give this present to?

Like I mention before, give it to someone who loves to say BUT FIRST COFFEE, but Second and Third still COFFEE! The design is intended to go for your girlfriends, sister, mother, aunt, #girlboss, your female dentist (oops! maybe not, they don’t want you to drink a lot of coffee! Well, let them put water in it instead I guess!)

Where can you get them?

Etsy shop my love, I have the link for you here

Go have fun exploring this shop; you might get more than one gift, one for your love and one for yourself! Try not to get lost with how beautiful and sparkly all those products are! Just a warning! 😀 

I have some good news here too.

You can use this coupon code “GDVB10” to get a 10% discount when purchasing  $25 order or more. The Coupon will expire on January 31, 2017. You better hurry up and go visit the shop now!

I hope you like what I showed you today. More awesome products to come! See you tomorrow my love!

Have a wonderful day! 

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain



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