Hello my loves! Can you believe today is the halfway point to our Early Christmas Shopping series.  I still can’t believe myself that I’m blogging everyday. Fifteen more gift ideas to go my loves! 

Today’s gift idea is a popular Christmas present. It’s something that you’ve already heard of. It’s one of the presents that almost every bloggers recommends you to put on your Christmas shopping list. I don’t mind talking about it though because this present can create memories while at the same time help you recall your old memories!

No! It’s not a time machine but it can do its job in bringing back your memories.

Then, what is it? Can you guess? The answer is, it’s perfume. 

Giving Perfume as a gift, how to choose the right scent for the right person:

  • First off, it’s so hard to choose if you’re planning to get a perfume for someone who you just met. There are plenty of scents and I don’t even know how to describe them all here. So don’t give this as a present for someone who you just met.

  • Common scents of perfumes are floral, fresh, oriental, woody, green, spicy and oceanic. There are still more scents to put on the list but this should be good enough to not confuse you from which one to pick from. Perfume can tell you about personality and personality can tell you about the type of perfume you are willing to put on. When you’re picking the perfume for someone, just try to think about their personalities. If they are very romantic and feminine, you should go for the floral sense. If they are more sophisticated, you should go for a woody scent; these are just examples. There’re a lot more indept details that you can read online. If you’re considering this as a present, you have to do more research. There are plenty of experts out there who you can learn from.

  • Having a Perfume party is another good idea! You can go to Sephora or Ulta and get perfume sampler sets and take it to your friends, let them smell and talk about it. You have to do your job, memorizing and recording who loves what. So you won’t mix up their gifts.

  • Lastly, ask the person frankly! Why not? So you know for sure what do they like and which one you should get for them. Sound good?

I recommend you to get a small bottle. If the person who you’re giving the gift to likes it., he or she can buy a bigger bottle themselves. Just to save you some money! 

I hope I’m giving you some useful shopping tips today. Like I said, perfume is like a time machine, the person who receives your gift will be likely to remember you forever!

Have a wonderful time my loves!

See you again tomorrow!

Perfume is the key to our memories.” – Kate Lord Brown







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