Today’s gift is considered one of my favorite pieces in this series. It was designed for someone who loves sweets and beauty products, like me. The cutest thing I found from forever 21 with the cost of just $8.90. It’s a set of lip-glosses in a macaron-shaped case. There are four different flavors in a set including marshmallow, strawberry, coconut and vanilla. They smell so amazing! The packaging is super cute. You can get it for your girlfriends, your mother, your sister, your coworkers, your daughter, or anyone who is in love with something colorful, cute, creative and you can actually use it in everyday life.

You can either give it individually or give it as a set. Depending on your budget and how many people you will be gifting it to. This gift is also good to someone who loves to take cute pictures and post them on Instagram too. This will be a good accessory to add some beauty to the pictures.  

Details: Macaron Lip Gloss Set | ZAC Zac Posen Card Case 

Let me know what you think about this gift idea.
I will be back tomorrow for the new one.
Hope you have a good night and a good morning my loves!

“The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.” – Omar Sulieman


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