Everyone loves to surround themselves with positive energy. I am sure you’ve heard of this saying before “Your vibes attract your tribes”, which means if you have good energy you will attract the same type of people who also have good energy. One thing that has helped me to attract some good vibes into my life is trying to be positive with everything and every situation I’m in. When something bad happens, find at least one good thing about the situation. For example, your car stops working, your stuck on the highway on Monday morning and you have a meeting to attend. This looks like a really bad situation and you really can’t find any positivity in it. Just give yourself a minute to think, what positive thing can you find here?

So what will happen is that you will have to call someone to come help, lets see who you can call. You can call your friends, family members, or a mechanic near by to come see what’s wrong with your car. Lets say we pick to call the mechanic, I already found something positive here, first, you give someone a job. Second, you can take a break from that serious meeting. Third, you might make a new friend who is a mechanic. See how many positive things that you can think about. I hope this situation will never ever happened to you though.

One more way that you can create good energy around you is to have a notebook cover that has a good quote or some sort of uplifting words or saying on it. This way it will help remind you when you’re feeling down or need a little bit of inspiration. In your house, in your office, in your bedroom, you can hang all those good words of art to help gain more good energy too. I have some hanging in my home, every time I look at them; it really gets me going and stops me from having negative thoughts. In my opinion, this can make a perfect present for Christmas too.

I know a good print shop on Etsy where you can buy the digital files and print them out to the size you want by yourself. No shipping hassles and no waits! The shop name is The Crown Prints. Here, they have over 800 printable arts designs for you to choose from. Took me a little while to pick what I now have hanging on the wall in my house. I got 4 designs from them and I love every single one of them so much.

After you purchase the art from the shop, you will get the instant download links. You will get difference sizes of .jpeg files with the directions on how and where to print them.

I printed my artwork with vistaprint.com and got my picture frames from Target.  You can put your art up without any frames if you want. The artwork itself is already beautiful.  And if you’re on budget, I recommend you to give these arts as your Christmas present because you’re purchasing only one time ($5.90) and you can print it out as many times as you want and give it to as many people as you wish to. It’s a very good investment. You can print one and have it hanging on your own space too. Not only that, when you purchase any BLACK & WHITE printable art from The Crown Prints, you will get access to their exclusive online color-changing tool, where you can choose any two-color scheme and colorize your art. This way you can custom make your art to be more specific to the likes of the person you will give it to. Isn’t that nice? 

I used this tool on one of my arts “Why Hello”. It comes in a white background with black letters and I used the tool to change it to be a black background with white letters, as you can see from the picture here.

I have some good news here; you can save 30% on 3 or more printable arts with this coupon code “30PERCENT”.   

You can visit The Crown Prints to see more design and learn more about them. 

Like I said in the beginning, no one likes bad energy. One last tip I want to share with you before I go today is having your favorite quote hanging in front of your bed, so you can see it the first thing in the morning is not a bad idea. Start the day with some motivational quotes to get some good vibes flowing and you know where you can get all those prints, right? Head over to The Crown Prints, to get the print you like today.

I hope I’m giving you some new ideas for your Christmas presents this year.

Thank you for stopping by! Have the best Sunday night and have an awesome week my loves! 

“Stay positive and the ups will be more frequent than the downs.” – Unknown


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