Hello there lovelies!

How was your black Friday shopping experience today? I hope you had a great time shopping and saving some money on all the good deals today.

This black Friday weekend is so perfect to go Christmas shopping. Lots of stores came out with discounted prices, special gift sets, gifts with purchased promotions and many more products that can make great presents for this Christmas.

Today’s gift I’m going to talk about is actually one of the gifts that came out especially for black Friday and you can only find it at Macy’s. It’s a set of Clinique body creams, Sugared Petals scent, Berry Blush scent and a Clinique Happy Perfume Rollerball.

I first got the Clinique Happy Perfume and body lotion as my wedding gift from my girlfriend. I love the citrus and floral scents so much. It smell so good, no wonder why it’s on the best-selling women’s fragrance list. This year they came out with Gelato Body Cream. They’re perfect for any girls who love to smell good and like to have hydrated skin at all times.  

This product has a value of $35.00 but because I purchased it on Black Friday, I was able to get it for only $12.00. It is a good gift to buy if you are on a budget or you’re traveling for the holidays to deliver your gifts.

Who’s this gift for?
  • You can give this gift to almost anyone who loves the scent of sweet flowers and citrus.

  • This set is the perfect size for someone that just wants to give it a try.

  • It is also good for someone who travels a lot because of its compact size.

Details: Berry Blush | CliniqueTreat Yourself Always Happy Set | Sweet Macaroon Lip Gloss

I love the Berry Blush scent so much that I can’t wait for the perfume scent to come out. Let me go put some Berry Blush gelato cream on right now. I am sure I will have a happy and sweet night. See you tomorrow my loves!

“Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed.” – Coco Chanel 



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