Today’s gift is something small that can fit either in your small or big purse and pocket. I personally recommend this gift for someone who loves to have things organized, someone who is a jet setter and/or businessmen or businesswomen who will need easy access to this item at all time. It is a card case. There are plenty of designs for both men and women. The price points are different from materials and brands. If you’re considering giving this as a present, you will be happy because you can find it in almost every shopping store.

Card cases are very good to have because it can separate the spending from the income. What I mean here is that you can put all your credit cards in a card case. ID, membership cards, gift cards and money, you can put them in your wallet. It is a Feng Shui belief that it can help you manage your money situation and get yourself out of debts.

The more you organize your wallet the better you manage your money. Try putting away all your receipts because those receipts represent money spent. Credit cards also mean debt if you don’t want to have a lot of debt; try to separate them from your wallet.

In some cases credit cards can mean wealth because you need to have good credit scores to get them. But that doesn’t mean you should put all your cards in your wallet. You can keep one important card, the one that you will be proud to use and make you feel really important that you have a privilege to hold that card. This will bring you to a happier financial situation.

 ZAC Zac Posen Card Case

Here’s some Women Card Cases I have picked for you.

Here’s some Men Card Cases I have picked for you.

I hope I gave you some good tips today.

Lets get the card case and start organizing your bag and wallet to attract more money to your life. See you tomorrow my loves!  

“Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.” – Unknown


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