Christmas is around the corner, aren’t you excited for it?

I am supper excited! Not because of the presents I will be receiving and not because of the gifts I will be giving! JK, haha! But it’s because of everything all around you. You will start to see all the beautiful lights and decorations. You will start to hear all the wonderful and joyful songs. You will start to feel the cool nice breeze, may be super freezing cold breeze somewhere, oh no! You will see the new Christmas and New Year’s movies are coming out! You will see all the new special promotions and products’ packaging created only for this special time.  Everything is just beyond beautiful with some sprinkles of happy and joy! I can’t say enough about it. All I know is Christmas is near, my loves. We better get ready to welcoming the joys! 

One of the most fun things I love to do this time of the year is SHOPPING! Who doesn’t like shopping? Not me! Both window’ shopping and the real shopping, they are so much fun! 

That’s why I’m going to take you to a shopping the series on my blog for this Month of November, “Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents”. From today forward until the end of this month I will be introducing you to the gifts I personally think are great to give out and use them by yourself. Before you can recommend a product, you have to be the person who is in love with the products first. Then you can to share them with others. That’s my gifting theory!

Shall we start with the first gift? Why not?

Let start the first day with UNDERWEAR! Yes, underwear!

It might sound weird that I recommend you to give underwear as a Christmas present!

Who in the right mind will do that? I do my love!

Most people want to look cool and when it comes to showing off famous designer piece around your waist, one brand that will blink up in our mind has to be Calvin Klein, am I right? I am sure the person who receives your gift will be blushing with joy!

Here me out if you are still a little hesitant!  

  • It’s soft and comfortable.  (I’m wearing mine right now! :D)

  • It’s 90% cotton with 10% elastane.

  • You get the ability to look cooler when showing off a signature logo to everyone.

  • Simple colors, black, white and gray.

  • Reasonable price

Who should you give this present to? 

Calvin Klein has their products for both Men and Women. You can give them to your girl friends or guy friends. Your sister will be happy to receive this gift. I recommend only give to someone who is closes to you. People can get embarrassed if they don’t know you that well.

Where can you get them?

It’s no surprise that you can find Calvin Klein underwear almost in all department stores. My tips for you here if you’re considering getting these cuties, I recommend you go shopping at Nordstrom Rack.  In store or online both work. You will get the product with a cheaper price, like 40% off. I can’t say enough about how much I love Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. You just have to go and experience them for yourself.

Here’s my first day of the “Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents”.

What do you think?

Come back again tomorrow to find out what I have to offer!
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Happy November my loves!

Let today be the start of something new.” – Unknown



* This post contains affiliate links.

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