I’ve always dreamed to own my very own Chanel bag. I think it has to do with how it looks, how popular this luxury brand is or maybe I just want to have it to be able to show off to everyone! Lol! Some people buy it as an investment piece because the price tends to go up and up each year, and you don’t loose a lot of money selling it in the future too. But for right now, lets save up and enjoy the good lookalike bags that cost you under$50 not $5K.  

I’ve purchased this Steve Madden Bfriend bag at Nordstrom Rack for $20 and I enjoy using it a lot. Too bad I can’t find the exact same bag anywhere online. You should go in store and maybe you will find it there. I did some research and I found some good looking bags for you to choose from. This gift will be perfect for someone who loves quilted bags and always dreams of getting Chanel. Just to give them a reminder piece of accessories to motivate them to save more money for their dream bag.


Here are a few similar bags I picked from Steve Madden for you.





and these are more lookalike bags under $50

Details: BFriend Bag | Chanel Palette | Phone Case (Sold out) | Sunglasses | Kylie Lipstick

I hope you’re enjoying today’s series.

I will be back tomorrow for more ideas.

See you again tomorrow my love!

I fell the same way about clothes as I do about food – I want everything.” – Mindy Kaling


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