Do you love to wear sneakers? Do your friends or family love to wear sneakers?

I personally used to dislike wearing sneakers as much as other people do. Times have changed, people changed, and I’m the one who has switched to loving to wear them almost everywhere I go now.

I used to wear high heels everywhere I went. Now high heels are only for a date night with my husband. I think the reasons behind it are that I love how comfortable and easy it is to wear them with any styles of cloths. To go for a walk, go on a hike or go to the gym, these types of shoes were born for any occasions, I feel.

I love wearing them and I see a lot of fashionistas are wearing them too. Sneakers shouldn’t be a bad idea to give as a Christmas present this year!

How to pick the right style sneakers to give as a present?

  • You have to know that person’s lifestyle. Do they love to wear sneakers just for fashion, or they wear to workout? If for workout, you have to dig deeper, what kind of workout? They have different kinds for each sport. You can eliminate the ones that are not on the list. 

  • Get the right color! This is important. People have their own favorite colors. Sometimes you might think of a specific color might look good on your friends. You really shouldn’t decide for them. Try to observe what’s the dominant color of all their outfits they have. Then you’ll see what’s the right color to get. Stick with one or two colors, so you won’t have a headache trying to get them.

  • The most important one is getting the right size. If you’re considering on getting the sneakers, here’s what I would suggest you to do to find out their shoe sizes. Start with a friendly conversation at a shoe store, keep talking and bring up your shoes’ size at one point in the conversation. When you feel it’s the right moment, ask your friend about their shoes’ sizes. The more people in the conversation the better. So the person you’re going to give the present to won’t know that you’re targeting them. Then keep on talking with whatever! How dose that sound? Or just frankly ask them, they will know about the present in the end anyway! Lol! 😀

What brand should you go for?

Tough question here! I personally go with what is beautiful! I love adidas for fashion shoes! I love how vintage New Balance and Brooks Running shoes look! They are both comfortable too!

I love Nike and for some reasons I always go for Nike. The answer for this question is actually up to you my loves, I really can’t give you a lot of recommendations for this one. When you find the right pair, they will be screaming your name for you to take them back home with you! 

Here’s I have some of the brands I mentioned above for you to take a look at!

New Balance



Where should I get them?

I love getting inexpensive gifts that are still of good quality so I recommend you take a look at Nordstrom Rack again. Exact same pair of shoes can cost you a fortune somewhere else but at Nordstrom Rack they are giving you some very good deals.

One more place I recommend you to look at is Gilt.com. If you’re seriously looking for some designer sneakers, here is the place to go. They have a lot of promotions going on! You have to be patient and wait to see what do they have to offer on that day! I probably should do a blog about gilt.com in the future, since I shop there a lot.

Right now, you can find more details and sign up for their promotions here. You can get 20% off your first order when you sign up too! What a deal!

Outfit Details: Oops Striped T-Shirt Dress | Nike  | Bag | Phone Case

I hope you like today’s gift guide! Twenty-Seven more gifts to go! Hope you’re enjoying this series so far! Have a wonderful day loves! I will see you again tomorrow!

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” – Dalai Lama


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