“How to create your own apparel collection (women graphic tee) without breaking the bank”, is it possible? 

Yes, it is my dear. Let me share with you today, my story on how I was able to create my own women graphic tee collection.

I was fortuned enough to be able to start my own t-shirt collection without having to investing a lot of money. As far as starting your own online clothing store, it isn’t easy peasy like you might had imagined. I know that you might know how much money it would cost to start a t-shirt collection on your own (a lot!) and how much time you would spend with each of the steps along the process (a long time!). You will need a business plan and a good amount of money to start up everything. If you’re new and don’t have that spare cash (I just talked about) to play around with, you are likely to put more stress into your business and life. The most headache part I would have to say is the inventory part. You will have to stock every size of your clothes in each design that you have no idea if they will even sell or not. Not only that, you will have to deal with shipping and many more areas to create a perfect business.

I remembered back in college during summer time, I spent all of my savings buying women clothes, renting a small space and started my very own tiny clothing store. So much money and energy I put in and since then, almost 10 years later, I still have some of the clothes that I couldn’t sell in my closet. I closed my shop after the summer was over. But that feeling of having my own clothing collection/ store is still with me until today. I don’t want you to repeat my same mistakes so I came up with today’s post to tell you how I was able to start my very own, first apparel collection with ease. 

You will find this post helpful if you’re looking to start your own online clothing business for a while. But you don’t know where to start because you don’t have a lot of cash to build your business with. In today’s post, I will guide you through the process on how you can make your dream come true.

My blogger bestie, Milica from Madeofstarlight got me into the deal. I was introduced to a company called Threadsly. They offer a simple and elegant platform for building and growing your fashion brand. You can create your custom collection with a true design house experience. Communicate directly with a dedicated success team sourcing your perfect on-trend garments, producing retail grade screen printing, on-demand production and direct to customer shipping. I truly LOVE and am very grateful to have an opportunity to work with Threadsly. Thanks to Milica!

threadsly.com create your own collection for less



Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-YourselfCheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself



To get started, I had to make a phone appointment with one of the Threadsly team. In this process, you will learn about the steps and timeframe it will take to create a successful online shop. You can ask as many questions as you would like.  After the phone call, you will receive an email that will direct you to the Threadsly dashboard where you can communicate with your assigned store manager who will help you along the process. 

Below I have put together step by step what I went through to create my own women graphic tee collection.

How to create your own apparel collection

Step 1
Get Inspired & Find your style

The best way to find your style is to create a mood-board. Either go on Pinterest and create one or you can gather information like pictures and cool typography from magazines.

Step 2
Brainstorm Slogans or designs

After you know the direction of your designs, you can brainstorm the design of graphics that you want to make. Write the wording down, or draw your design out.

Step 3
Conduct a survey

Once you have a few designs drafted up, you can create a questionnaire to find out about your target buyers’ favorite designs and comfortable spending budget. You can send out emails or create an online survey on Facebook groups, where your target customer would hang out.

Step 4
Decide on Final design

Once you receive the survey results back, you can now see what’s the best design that interests your target buyers the most and what are the price points they feel comfortable with.

Step 5
Create final graphic

You can use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Canva to create your graphic. But if you don’t know how to start or don’t want to deal with designing at all, Threadsly can help you with your design.

Step 6
Pick your t shirt style

Define what style, color and type of garment you would like to put your graphic on.

Step 7
Create mock-up design

After you know your design and style of t-shirt, you can create style mock ups using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to see the positioning of graphic and see how your t-shirt will look like once the production process is done.

Step 8
Make Samples

Create samples of your collection, one for each design.

Step 9
Quality Check

Check how your designs turned out in real fabric. You should also check the size that if it’s loose fitted or true to size. This way you will know exactly how to describe it to your buyers. If something is wrong with the design you will be able to fix them before you start the production process.

Step 10
Product Photoshoot

Once your product is good to go you can start taking product shots using the samples you have created earlier. It can be flat-lay style, or model photoshoot type of thing.

Step 11
Create online store

Set up your online store with the help of Threadsly team. You will be able to see the cost, suggested prices, product pages where you can write your own description for each of your designs. Track your sales and many more features all in one place.

Step 12

Since Threadsly is helping to take care of the production process, you don’t need to produce a big quantity of your products, no stocking and no spending on your part. They will produce your product once they receive orders.

Step 13

Attract customers by sending newsletters and advertising in different platforms. Offer discounts, special prices for a specific timeframe to boost your sales and get your name out on the market.

Step 14

Selling time, at this point your store will be ready to do its jobs. On the other hand, you can start promoting your collection and get ready to receive your income. Threadsly will help you manage your orders by receiving, producing, and delivering all of your orders.

Step 15

Due to the nature of pre- order and made to order systems, your customer will receive products within 10 days after placing their order.

Step 16
After-sale survey

It’s a good idea to still keep in touch with your customers after they purchased your products. You can send them an email and ask a few quick questions on their shopping experience. This way you will know what can help you to develop and pay more attention on your new project.

How to create your own clothing collection step by step



If you’re interested in starting your project, you can consult with Threadsly team at no cost. Here’s the page that you can schedule a phone appointment. To learn more about Threadsly you can visit their website at Threadsly.com.

A little bit about my collection, “YOU”. The slogan “Honey, be yourself” had the most votes from my subscribers. It’s the perfect slogan that can help remind everyone that they should always be themselves. Because each of us were created to be different, to be original and we should be proud of who we are.

This women graphic tee collection has three different styles, minimal, retro and glamorous. I intended to make this collection for all of us women, who are unique in our own ways.

You can take a look at my collection and grab your “YOU” Tee this way.

How to design a graphic tee shirt and sell with ease step by step



Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer Tee Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer Tee Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer TeeCheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer TeeCheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer Tee Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer Tee

Cheap-Slogan-Women-Graphic-Tee-Black-and-Gold-Honey-Be-Yourself- Ringer Tee


? Note to Influencers: If you’re a blogger/ Instagrammer and want to collab with me in this tee collection, please email me at Blogger@allaboutgoodvibes.com and please put your email subject as Tee Collab with (your name/ blog or Instagram account). I’m looking forward to working with you! ?

I hope you find my post helpful and by now you should know the step by step process on how to create your apparel collection with less, (less stress & less money). If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. You can DM me through Instagram @thevibescloset or email me at hello@allaboutgoodvibes.com.

Fashion Collaboration Opportunity

Enjoy the rest of your week, my love! Thank you for stopping by All About Good Vibes today. See you again soon! ?

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” – Ray Goforth









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