This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Zoë from zoeoverdressed.com 

The festive period is upon us once again, and with it comes opportunities to pull out all those lovely pieces that you don’t get chance to wear throughout the rest of the year. Like this top. The intricate beading and cape sleeves on this top means it’s for special occasions only, but it makes me feel really fancy whenever I do wear it. This year I paired it with my new leather trousers and this amazing gold blazer that I found in a charity shop for just £3! Perfect for this time of year!

Happy holidays to you all!

Zoë is a fashion business graduate living in Birmingham, UK. She loves old songs and her cat Charlie. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle at zoeoverdressed.com. She has recently added the Overdressed Store to her blog, selling a curated selection of jewellery. She is always overdressed.

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