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Happy Holidays! This is my favorite time of the year, because I believe that everyone’s sense of style comes out to play. I’ve included 4 outfit inspirations that I think are cute, fun, comfy but most importantly, holiday worthy. Here’s a little snippet about each one:​

Casual Christmas Party Outfit

Casual Christmas Party Outfit- I love this outfit because it can also be worn as a dressier option. The wide neckline of the sweater gives you a chance to spice up your neck with accessories and the twisted pattern of the top, definitely cinches in your waistline; if that’s something you would like to go for. ​

Casual Christmas Party Outfit with Hat

Casual Christmas Party Outfit with Hat- A poncho adds an extra layer of warmth and an easier way to mask all the extra
food you may eat 😉 I also love the hat because you can be having a bad hair day and it hides it or accentuates whatever hairstyle you have.​

Fancy/Dressy Christmas Party Outfit

 Fancy/Dressy Christmas Party Outfit- This would honestly be my go to outfit for layering. I absolutely adore trench coats and turtlenecks, during this season. Keeps you warm, keeps you stylish and on top of that, you can accessorize like crazy and never take away from the outfit!​

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfit 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfit- Okay… who doesn’t love Ugly Christmas Sweater parties?! They are my favorite, but sometimes it’s hard to be ugly, when you’re just so darn cute! Why not bring out your creative side and be cute instead? Which is why, I chose a cute sweater and then added some festive accessories and bold boots to tie it all together. Why follow trends when you can make your own? Goodbye Ugly Sweater and Hello Cute and Cozy! ​

Hi lovely people! My name is Eripitan (pronounced Air-Repeat-Ten) and I am a Fashion, Faith/Motivation and Advice Blogger for College Students/Young Adults on WearFaithEssence.com. For my Fashion section, I try to emphasize an affordable route; most outfits costing $100 or less and occasionally, $50 or less! In my Faith section, I discuss topics that many Christian Men and Women struggle with, while giving honest and unbiased words of wisdom. I live to inspire many and pray that my words help shape individuals of all backgrounds. Lastly, the Advice column is as simple as it sounds, readers are able to submit questions (can be anonymous) and I’ll reply to them. I love what I do and I am blessed to be doing what I love, join me on my journey and let’s shine our light together! 

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