This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Diana Hamza from ChezDaiana.com

Give it new perspective: the white Xmas look

The Christmas party look might seem quite simple at a first view: let’s wear something red or green with a pop of glam jewelry and make-up. But this is not me as it gets too predictable. Liters of ink have already been spilled on these specifics…And I love so much to complicate things when there is no need! Or should you see the idea that crossed my mind for this challenge, you’d rather say that I love to make things so too simple.

First outfit I created was dark shaded and a little bit extra tough and less feminine. In order for you to picture that, just put together a black sleeveless top paired and a midi silver chiffon skirt. Pair with black heels and with two massive silvered bracelets while wearing red lips and savage hair. Got an interesting one, but it doesn’t sound like a look which is suitable to a Christmas appearance.

Long story short, the matter strongly had to be reconsidered and a new theme had to emerge.

And it suddenly hit me: the H&M white bodycon midi dress. Nothing else could be more of Christmas spirit then a snow white and unexpected dress. As this one is one of the versatile items listed by almost any fashion guidelines publications in the world, I chose to put in the spotlight my several years old faux fur piece of accessory with a romantic and classic black satin bow. I selected my Valentino inspired mid strappy black heels. These have crystal applications which work perfect with the glam spirit of the year end celebrations. A black and white situation saving our souls again, babes. Who wouldn’t agree that this is truly a classic? Nothing could have pleased me more. 

For this white snow inspired look the make-up and hair style look at their best in neutral and simple shades. A nude beige lipstick and comb only hairstyle allow the gorgeous white dress ‘speak’ for you. Less is always more! 

Probably you’re asking yourselves ‘All right, this look may be stunning, but how am I supposed to wear it when it’s freezing outside?!’. Nothing more simple. Put on a blazer under the winter coat and choose boots before getting in the car, then discreetly switch to heels and save the blazer for later once arrived at the party. Feel different and wear your dress with an astonishing natural smile. Get the most out of your iconic piece.



 26 years old career addict and keen of beauty under all its forms and appearances. I see beauty in a perfectly cut mono white dress as I see it a natural shaped white sea rock. I am in love with sea, good books and good food and I have a prominent taste for classical never out of style clothes and shoes.

 All my beloved shoes and jewelry are being sheltered by all sizes, colors and fabrics boxes – therefore my aesthetic views expression blog motto couldn’t be another: Fashion in a Box – www.ChezDaiana.com

I strongly believe that our choices absolutely define who we are. Die trying to make the most out of yours’!

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