Nobody knows the future! That’s why you have to enjoy every second you have and be happy at the NOW not the FUTURE!

Life, it’s kind of a scary thing because you really don’t know what will happen to you in the next second of your life. All you have to do is wish for the best and work very hard to get what you really want. What if you do everything and in the end, you never had a chance to enjoy what we call “A HAPPY LIFE”?

Let me share with you the story of our family, the worst experience that we as a family had to go through but the person who was in the most pain wasn’t all of us, it was my mother in law.

Almost two years ago, my husband and I were about to finish our dinner in our apartment in Chandler, Arizona. We got a call from his mother, she told us, she got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The aggressive stage no one wishes to have happened to them. She was crying, in a stage of shock, and so were we! No-one really knew what to do at that time, only prayed and made sure to always be there for her when she needed us. From that point on, everything in her life had changed both physically and mentally. Not in a bad way though. She had fought and won the battle over breast cancer.

She’s getting stronger. She understands what life is really about. She knows she should do whatever she enjoys the most in her life. She started helping a lot of people who are in the same boat as her in the past years. She always wants to have fun. She’s now loving herself more than she used to do. Because of all the chemotherapy sessions and countless sergeries she had been through, it made her become better in her own way! If you see my mother in law somewhere, and she’s going crazy about something, don’t worry she’s just having a great time!

She had told me that “No one will ever understand how she feels, even though they say they understand, she has to be strong for herself because nobody can do it for her.” I totally agree with that. It’s only you who knows how you feel.

Since she’s been through the worst years of her life, of battle and recovery, those quite times she has to be by herself, she’s realized that she has to start doing what she loves to do, something with “photography”. She started to join the photography community in town, started to study how to become a professional photographer. Not including her experience as an amateur photographer, (her photos look like they are from a magazine). She has been taking pictures her whole life from around the world and has thousands of collections on her computer and social media combined. She now wants to use those skills to help people out. She wants to be there for someone who has to go through what she’s called a “Year from Hell”, the whole full year of cancer treatment, if you can make it.

She  started a non- profit organization under the name “Nadia Strong Photography Inc.” to help women going through breast cancer treatment document their journey with no cost. Not only for the cancer fighter but also for the family and friends too that can benefit from her non profit.

You can read more of her stories from her blog here or visit her Non-Profit Facebook page here, “Nadia Strong Photography Inc..

This month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’m taking this opportunity to support my mother in law with her non profits organization, “Nadia Strong Photography Inc.” I’ve created 2 styles of graphic t-shirts, inspired by our cutie beagle, “Cinema”. He is one of my mother in laws favorite doggies. Also the shirts are inspired by what most people feel about Cancer but are afraid to say it out loud #FCANCER. Let the shirts talk for you!

This T- Shirt Collection, I’m designing them for someone who is cool and understands! I don’t try to be rude but like I said, only for someone who understands!

20% of the profits from this collection will go to Nadia Strong Photography Inc., not only in the month of October but all year round!! 

1. Stay away CANCER Basic Crew Tee in Black   2. Cinema gone bad Baseball Tee  3. Stay away CANCER Basic Crew Tee in White  4. KIMONO MAC DETAIL  5. PETITE BLEACH RIPPED HAYDEN BOYFRIEND JEANS 6. Paul & Joe SisterLooney Toons Shorts   7. WOMEN CREPE CAMISOLE DRESS

If you’re interested in purchasing them, please contact hello@allaboutgoodvibes.com.

Shop the collection by sending an email to hello@allaboutgoodvibes.com.

Thank you for understanding us and thank you for your support! 

Before I let you go today, I just what to tell you what I’ve learnt from my mother in law.

When I was in a situation that I thought was bad, I compared it to her and realized it was nothing like as bad as hers. So I just want to send this message to everyone out there who has problems in your life. Please never ever give up, you’re strong and you can do it. There are a lot more people who are in bad or even worse situations than you, you’re not alone. If they can fight it, so can you!

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Have a great day, my love!

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To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst.” – Wilson Kanadi 


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