In today’s post I welcome Diana Elizabeth Steffen of  DianaElizabethBlog.com to answer a few blogging questions regarding blogging full-time. To help clarify what you might not know about how it’s like to be a full-time blogger.

Read on to hear her thoughts and learn from her advice. She’s a true inspiration. 

I met Diana at my very first blogging event I attended in Phoenix about 2 years ago. I was super new and very nervous but so so glad I went. Getting to connect with some of the amazing people in your industry is wonderful and Diana is one of the people I admire and get inspired by what she creates.

Today, I’m so happy to share her thoughts on blogging full-time with you and for you to get to know this talented lady. I promise you will gain some helpful tips from her perspective and point of view to up your blogging game and/or become a full-time blogger yourself.

Read along and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

I will leave it to Diana now and will see you again on my next blog post.

Enjoy reading!

How did you become a full time blogger?

I left corporate 10 years ago and became a full-time entrepreneur juggling photography and graphic design that had been my side hustle, that’s when I had a blog. My blog focused on my photography work, but when I wasn’t sharing photography I started to blog about daily life and thoughts, it was a personal blog where I dumped thoughts and dreams. Slowly brands started to send me products in exchange for product and it was great practice! I had so much fun, then I started to get paid. I have a B.A. in journalism, experience in corporate marketing, html web and graphic design, and being a photographer it seemed natural to pursue blogging and see where it would take me. Today I’m a full-time entrepreneur juggling photography and blogging (graphic design has taken a back seat but I still do it for the same clients). 


What does your day look like?

I wake up late like around 9:30 because I work late – I am more creative at night! I’ve always programmed websites and liked to write in the evenings so that’s a good time for me to collect my thoughts. The day varies from an all day photoshoot with campaigns and I hire makeup and hair and a photographer to hammer out 4 to 5 campaigns and content, or I am in my home office on conference calls answering emails, editing images and scheduling content. It’s different every day.

What are some recommendations for someone who wants to become a full time blogger?

Make sure you love it, like really love it – every part of blogging. From pitching brands, to designing your website, to sharing the content you believe in and enjoy creating, invoicing, and networking. It’s so much work and it’s not all glamorous, it really is a hard job. I’ve seen friends try to start a blog for the money but burn out easily when they realize it’s not that easy. It takes consistence and passion – you should want to share information with others and you would want to blog for free. If you want to do it full-time, be hungry, take everything when you start out because you’re practicing. As you get busier and better, increase your rate and make sure you are always continuing your education to improve your craft.

What would you say to people who think it’s easy to be a full time blogger/ influencer?

I know it looks easy, but I think over time people who sees the ins and outs realize being a blogger or influencer is a lot of work. It can also be a struggle for influencers ourselves because our job is social media and we put so much more emphasis on it because it’s our job. Creating content takes time, scheduling, having the energy to get ready and also market yourself is a full-time job. I know some influencers make it look easy but I know once people see how much work goes into it, they respect the work. 

About Diana Elizabeth Steffen

Diana Elizabeth Steffen is an entrepreneur based in Phoenix. She is a full-time editorial photographer, marketing strategist and lifestyle blogger. She blogs about home, gardening, travel and lifestyle on DianaElizabethBlog.com.

Instagram: @dianaelizabeth_

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