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Where To Find Blog Post Ideas is one of the topics in “Helping me, Helping you” blogging series. It was created to help new bloggers to be the best that they can be on their blogging space. You can find helpful tips, tools, real examples & experience from successful bloggers plus free downloadable worksheets that can help you achieve your blogging goals. 



Where to find blog post ideas

Inspiring sources for your next (first!) blog content to attract the right ideal readers (you’re going to create!)

Lately I’ve been book shopping like never before in my life. Last week alone I bought 8 books. I pretty much stopped shopping for clothes, makeup and my other usual stuff. I am now a BOOK -A- HOLIC. Since books have become so helpful and inspiring when it comes to blogging, I’m going talk about BOOKS today and the relationship it has with new blog post ideas.

Side note, last week, I was featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine in sharing my Five Must Have Coffee Table Books for the Fashion Maven. You can check it out if you haven’t. Now let’s get into Today’s Topic : Where To Find Blog Post Ideas. 🙂

Sometimes it’s so hard to come up with new ideas for your next blog post. Something that will get good attention from your real readers. Even though, you’re trying hard to figure out about the topics all day at work, during lunch break, during a car ride back home or even when you are meditating as opposed to clearing your mind. Oops!

Still blank! So you texted your best friend, Jessica, and complained to her “I don’t know what to write about on my blog. I think I’m going to stop for a while.” Even though Jessica isn’t a blogger, she’s definitely a good friend. So she calmed you down and told you to go to sleep. She said you will figure it out when you wake up. She also reminded you that “you don’t give up on your dreams.” Thanks Jessica!

Before going to bed, you probably find yourself googling for something like these:

  • What to write on my blog?
  • Interesting Blog Topics
  • Blog Topic Lists
  • Fun Blog Ideas
  • Blog Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Ideas

Some sorts of the above and Voila! You found this blog post. ?

Today I am going to share with you where I get my inspiration from plus some inspiration tips from my favorite bloggers and Instagrammers. I bet you probably know some of them from your Instagram feed. Read all the advice and you will know exactly how to stay on top of your blog post idea bank.

Not only that, today I will help you create your ideal reader profile. A must have in mind person that you will need him or her before you start writing your new post.


Let’s start with the inspiration sources first! Shall we?

For me I find my inspiration through books. When I found something that’s interesting, inspiring and I think my reader could learn something new from it, I would then incorporate them into my post.

Some of my blog content comes from my curiosity as well. If I have questions about something, I would write them down. I would then try to find answers but instead of keeping those answers to myself, I would turn that question into a blog post. Because if I’m curious about something, other people might have the same questions that need answers.

Pinterest and Instagram are always my go to sources for new projects. I can get a lot of ‘How- to’ posts out of looking at pretty pictures. These are my common sources of where my blog post ideas are from. 


Now let’s take a look at what other bloggers say about how they came up with their blog post ideas. I asked a few of my favorite bloggers “Where do you find inspirations for your blog posts?” and below are their answers.

Lauren Patricia Black

Name: Lauren Patricia Black
Blog: lpblack.com
Instagram: @imlaurenblack

For me inspiration comes from how I’m feeling at that time, I always have a million ideas or opinions I’d like to share with my followers normally to try and inspire, uplift or motivate them! I sometimes find inspiration from songs or a conversation I’ve had with my friends etc.

Fashion blog posts are a little different, I try and stay true to my style when it comes to writing about different trends etc so I always put myself in the viewers seat and if they would think ‘Yeah that’s Lauren’ then I know I’m on the right track, if that makes sense?




Name: Emma Graceland
Blog: www.emmagraceland.com
Instagram: @emmagraceland


My inspiration comes from my fashion and beauty experiences I’ve had myself, from testing out beauty clinics and writing about my time there and how I found it. Also visiting hairdressers and reviewing them for my followers so they know whether to go there or not. Another thing that influences my blog posts are the seasons, whether it’s summer or Christmas time my followers want to know what the latest trends are, how I’m wearing them and how they can wear them themselves. 🙂



katherine saviola mcdermottName: Katherine Saviola McDermott
Blog: www.slightlysavvy.com
Instagram: @katherinesavmcd

Since I write about blogging and working with brand strategies from a PR perspective, I get a lot of inspiration from my industry. Meaning that I’m constantly reading articles, Linked in updates, listening to podcasts etc.

For example, sometimes I get in a rut of thinking of new, valuable content for my readers…so I’ll take an hour or two in the morning to listen to the Gary Vee marketing podcast, The Influencer Podcast, or I’ll go read Adweek, one of the leading advertising and marketing publications.

Also, I try to ask for feedback from my readers all the time. I want them to reply back to my email newsletters, DM me PR questions on Instagram, and I even make Typeforms for them to fill out with content they want to see.

I do my best to create content that answers to their questions in the most specific, and actionable way possible.



Name: Rina Doria
Blog: www.andshedressed.com
Instagram: @rinasamantha

Explore your city by trying out new restaurants, coffee shops and different areas that you have never been to before. You can gain inspiration from fellow bloggers too. Also, pick up some new magazines in and out of your niche. If you find yourself burned out, try taking a blogging break to clear your mind so you can get inspired again.

Read more of her thoughts from her original post here.



Jenn LakeName: Jenn Lake
Blog: www.stylecharade.com
Instagram: @jenniferlake

Since the launch of Style Charade, my goal has always been to remain authentic to my personal aesthetic. It’s easy to find inspiration in the world these days – through social media images, films, literature, fashion, art, etc. I love being a sponge to the world, but I also believe in remaining laser-focused on my vision. In the end, color and positivity are the DNA of my blog. Murals and street art have been at the core of Style Charade since its inception, and I’m so thankful to be able to share my point of view with my readers every day.




Below are the advice from Instagrammers who were featured in “Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous.” Book by Henry Carroll (Editor). I read this book and it was so inspirational to me that I decided to write this blog post.



Name: Michael Zee
Website: www.symmetrybreakfast.com
Instagram: @symmetrybreakfast

Focus on a subject or style that you love, but within that, research it using everything you can get your hands on. Visit museums, watch films, read books, look at the work of designers, photographers and artists- not just living, but historical too.


Name: Edward Barnieh
Website: www.edwardkb.com
Instagram: @edwardkb

I look to follow people who do things I’m not capable of, so I can learn from them. This source of inspiration helps you stay motivated and gives you ideas for what to shoot and where to go next. It’s also very important to find inspiration beyond the app. Go to galleries, bookstores and performances. This will expose you to different forms of creativity and allow you to bring something fresh to Instagram.



Name: Phoebe Cortez Draeger
Website: takingpicturesofwhatever.tumblr.com
Instagram: @palomaparrot


You can find inspiration in lots of things, such as music, an overheard comment or moment of fleeting beauty.



Round Up on Inspiring Sources

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Instragram
  • Pinterest
  • Personal Feelings & Style
  • Experience
  • Seasons & Trends
  • Colleagues
  • Articles
  • Linked
  • Podcasts
  • Reader Feedback
  • Explore your city
  • Fellow bloggers
  • Social Media Images
  • Literature
  • Fashion
  • Color
  • Positivity
  • Murals
  • Street Art
  • Museums
  • Films
  • Work of designers, photographers and artists
  • People
  • Galleries
  • Bookstores
  • Performances
  • Music
  • Conversatipns
  • Fleeting beauty

You can see that inspiration for your blog post can pretty much come from anything.

But your idea and new post won’t get far unless you deliver your content to the right people. To help you get ahead of your blogging game, I have created an ideal reader profile worksheet for you to fill out. This will help you when writing your next post. And even if you are just starting out and don’t know your audience yet, you will definitely get some big benefits out of this worksheet.

I know your time is valuable and writing blog post that no one will read isn’t an option. Next week I will go deeper into details on an Ideal Reader Profile (aka Ideal persona), how to find them and why they are so important.

Now, you can go to my Online Library and download the worksheet, fill it out in advance and I’ll be back soon to help you even more.

I hope this post helped you get some more ideas when thinking about your next blog post. No more asking Jessica and stressing out, take a few of these ideas and try them out. Let me know in the comments below where you find your blog post ideas.

Special thanks to all the bloggers who have contributed in this post. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by allaboutgoodvibes.com today.
Enjoy your weekend, my love!

The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.” – Eric Thomas







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